11 sun and beach destinations to travel this winter

11 sun and beach destinations to travel this winter

11 sun and beach destinations to travel this winter


These dates are good for planning trips in winter in search of the sun. Many airlines launch offers to fly in the off season at very interesting prices. With the return to work, the imminent arrival of the cold and before the descent of hours of light (each day darkens a little earlier) the mind flies to destinations where you can enjoy the sun. The options are many. Here is a list of twelve trips you can take into account if you are looking for a getaway in search of the “endless summer”.

1. Getaway to Israel
Semi-close destination. Only four hours by plane from Madrid or Barcelona, Spanish cities that have direct flights to Tel Aviv. Once in Israel, the recommended thing is to go out and explore the country, although if you are looking for sun and sand, the destination is clear.

2. The Canary Islands in winter
It is perhaps the closest and most familiar “sun and beach” destination not only for Spaniards. The Canary Islands are also the favorite winter dream of many other markets especially German, Nordic and British, friends to enjoy and walk through the sand while in their countries the sun naps and the anorak becomes the inseparable companion.

3. Jordan: sea and desert
Jordan is another destination recommended for those who want sun, sea and desert. The most appealing option is undoubtedly, stroll through the enigmatic city of Petra in short sleeves in November !. Although I also recommend the red desert of Wadi Rum with the sun as a companion it is an experience worth taking into account.

If you doubt, a note that may encourage you. Jordan is a destination that shines more in these days, so do not forget that in summer they can reach 50 degrees !. I assure you that with 25 degrees everything looks more beautiful.

4. Disconnect in Morocco.
A destination also close and easily accessible to Spaniards by the number of direct flights to Marrakech, Rabat, Casablanca … And of course, you can not rule out the option of traveling by car across the strait. This is a trip especially for those who like to change their culture, discover new smells and tastes, listen to different sounds and squeeze a very different country, very close and cheap for our pockets.

The possibilities of Morocco are many. But among my favorite destinations in this country stands out the always exotic and recommended for a short break: Marrakech. Where one finds that typical environment of a city that is manageable but cosmopolitan at the same time. Where the charm of the Arab world coexists with another modern face, cultured, alternative.

For example, in the Jemaa el Fna square that exotic essence beats a circus. Strolling through the labyrinthine Medina is an adventure … If you prefer the coast, my recommendation for a short break is to visit the pleasant Essaouira, just two hours by car from Marrakech, where the beach is always an option.

5. Summer in the southern hemisphere: South Africa
We change continent and hemisphere. We now head south in search of summer until we conquer South Africa. Another option that lovers of long trips should take into account. And also recommended for those fleeing jet-lag because although Johannesburg is about eleven hours by plane from Madrid, it is only one hour apart from Spain because it is almost on the same meridian, and that, some, we appreciate it sooooo much.

Once located, highlight that in South Africa you can find everything you need for a dream vacation. Cosmopolitan cities such as Cape Town, wildlife and safaris for animal photographs (the famous big five) as those offered in National Parks such as Kruger. And, of course, paradisiacal beaches, endless beaches like those you’ll find in the area of ​​Port Elizabeth, Knysna and along the so-called Garden Route, a road that presumes to be one of the most beautiful in the world. If you dare, when looking for where to sleep do not discard the cute Bed and Breakfast. The British influence is felt throughout the country and the offer of accommodation in this style is abundant, economical, safe and highly recommended.

6. Islands of Thailand
If you are one of the lucky ones and you can have enough holiday days to consider a long trip to the southwest of Asia you have many possibilities. But since I have space is limited and I have to choose, Thailand is one of our favorites.

Everything a luxury traveler may need is concentrated in this country. Cultural change, exquisite treatment, good hotel quality – especially if we pay attention to the maximum value for money. Delicious gastronomy, security (very important detail today) and first of all fantastic beaches such as Koh Samui, Krabi, Phi Phi or the most tourist like Phuket.

7. Holidays in Mexico
If you like destinations with Hispanic airs where you can communicate fluently and have free time to cross the pond, your dream destination is in America. The options are many but among my favorites, Mexico, without a doubt. A great tourist destination with a rich and varied and consolidated offer.

The friends of the closed packages and the stays in hotels with “all inclusive” can hire a dream stay in the resorts that are in Cancun or in the Riviera Maya, the most classic destinations. Those more “adventurous” or friends to discover new corners can bet to visit the Riviera Nayarit, on the Pacific coast, my favorite.

8. Relax in Mauritius
Last proposal in this area of the world bathed by the Indian Ocean. Getaway to an island not frequented by Spaniards but much visited by French. And by couples of lovers from all corners of Europe, it is one of the most famous destinations for honeymoons: Mauritius. Surely one of those who is reading to me has spent his first days of marriage there. Certainly good choice.

9. Travel through Cuba
You can not talk about sun destinations to travel in winter without mentioning, at least, some Caribbean island. Once again the dilemma arises, which one to decide on and my bet is Cuba, a destination for which I feel a special weakness.

10. Panama
Panama is an emerging destination, and still little known by Spanish tourists. It’s a shame, because this country located in the heart of Central America is famous for the canal where ships cross the Pacific to the Atlantic (which is currently undergoing expansion). What many people ignore is that Panama hides little crowded places where enjoyment and sun are assured. For example, paradisiacal islands such as Bocas del Toro where the typical image of the celestial sea and white sand beaches is repeated everywhere. Or the beaches like those of the Azuero Peninsula, which will conquer surf addicts.

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