Coals main function is maintaining the heat to release and impart the tobacco flavor. They ensure the hookah is at the right temperature for the smoldering tobacco. The coconut shell charcoal suppliers market offers a large selection of coals for hookah. Among them stand out:

  1. Orangewood coals. They burn quickly and produce fairly strong heat. The duration of their burning is about 25-30 minutes.
  2. Coconut coals. They provide moderate heat. Their burning time reaches up to 1 h. This makes them great for those who like long, mild smoke.
  3. The latest trend is electric coals. They warm up quickly and maintain heat for a long time, allowing you to enjoy smoking for up to 2 hours, although they do have their downside.

Size of coals

What kind of coals can be used in a hookah? Here are some recommendations:

  1. For small-sized bowls, such as the UPG type, four coals of size 22 mm are quite enough. An alternative is three pieces of 25 mm size.
  2. For medium-sized bowls (RF or ST), use four medium-sized pieces.
  3. You usually need four pieces of any size for large bowls, such as when smoking on fruit.

On average, 3-4 pieces provide a comfortable smoking experience for 40-50 minutes. This is the optimal amount to maintain good smokiness and rich flavor.

If you want to prolong the pleasure, use three pieces. This way, you can enjoy the process for up to 1.5 hours without constant puffing.

Types of charcoal

What are the different types of charcoals for hookah from coconut charcoal manufacturers? They are divided into two main types:

  • fast-burning. They are distinguished by instant heating. At the same time, they lose heat quickly and burn insufficiently long. Sometimes, they leave an impression of a chemical flavor that causes dizziness.
  • natural. Do not change the flavor of the smoking mixture. Among the most famous options are coals from coconut and lemon tree shells.
coconut charcoal
Coconut charcoal

Having made a choice, you need to proceed to the kindling process. Usually, 2-4 pieces are enough for this, although their exact number depends on the bowl size and your taste.

The quick-burning charcoal should be held over the flame, using tongs, until it stops smoking and sparking. After that, remove the flame and wait until it is completely covered with light gray ash. Blow on it a little to make it take on an orange hue.

Natural charcoal should be placed on a special charcoal stove (you can use an ordinary gas or electric stove). Turn the flame to maximum power and let it burn for 5-12 minutes. The charcoal should take on an orange glow and turn white on all sides; you may need to turn the coals over.

Once the product is ready, it should be placed in the hookah bowl. Transfer the coals to the foil or netting on the bowl using tongs. They should be spread so that they are evenly placed along the edge. However, it is not objectionable if they protrude slightly beyond its borders. A protective net protects the charcoal from falling to the floor.

Ensuring that the charcoal does not touch the tobacco; otherwise, premature combustion is risky. Kalaudas are a great way of doing this, making it easy to place the coals and control the heat. When using foil, ensure it does not sag under the product’s weight – it should be well stretched over the bowl. This way, you can create an even and continuous heat that will slowly and thoroughly warm the tobacco, bringing out its flavor and aroma notes.