Interview with Evelyn Hendrich, Founder and Managing Partner of Hendrich Real Estate GmbH

Interview with Evelyn Hendrich, Founder and Managing Partner of Hendrich Real Estate GmbH

Interview with Evelyn Hendrich, Founder and Managing Partner of Hendrich Real Estate GmbH


One of the first things you see on the Hendrich Real Estate GmbH website is the phrase “Your Visions become Real.” For Evelyn Hendrich, Founder and Managing Partner of the agency, these are much more than just words. For many years she and her colleagues have been making their clients’ visions and dreams of the perfect home in the most sophisticated locations in Austria and Europe come true. Dedication, passion, and excellent results have earned Hendrich Real Estate GmbH an impeccable reputation, as evidenced by its recent victory in the Luxury Lifestyle Awards in the category of Best Luxury Real Estate Broker in Austria. We spoke to Mrs. Hendrich about her approach and the peculiarities of the luxury real estate market. 

Luxury Lifestyle Awards: How and why did you connect your professional activity with real estate? 

Evelyn Hendrich: I was fascinated by architecture from childhood on – I wanted to study it! 

LLA: What gave you the idea of founding your own luxury real estate agency? 

EH: After many years in leading positions in the media business it became a clear goal to establish my own company. The luxury real estate market attracted me as a result of my passion for architecture.  

LLA: Please give a brief description of Hendrich Real Estate GmbH. 

EH: We are a highly qualified, successful team that specializes in the brokerage of both modern and historical luxury properties. We can offer you the ideal combination of our skills and experience. We also have the support of our network of experts for any specialized topics. This means we can optimally support you in all matters relating to the purchase or sale of an upscale property. 

LLA: What makes your company stand out from the competition? 

EH: Our focus on castles, mansions and penthouses in Austria and other sought-after locations in Europe and the high competence of the team is our USP.  

LLA: What qualities do you expect from your team members, and what demands do you make of yourself as a leader? 

EH: Each of us has an excellent academic education, many years of experience as well as a very high level of motivation and passion.  

LLA: What are some of the key milestones and transactions in the history of Hendrich Real Estate GmbH? 

EH: Every sale of a castle, a villa or a penthouse was a milestone for us and has built up our reputation today. 

LLA: How has the luxury real estate market changed over the years of your activity? What are its most significant trends at the moment? 

EH: Since the pandemic, the demand for objects in the countryside has exceeded supply. 

LLA: How do you think the industry will continue to evolve? 

EH: With the normalization of the global situation, demand and supply will balance each other out more. 

LLA: Congratulations on your second consecutive win in the Luxury Lifestyle Awards. What are your emotions about this achievement? 

EH: Winning an award is a nice thing but getting further confirmation of the achievement is even better. Thank you for the honor.  

LLA: Is there anything that you believe everyone in the real estate industry should be working towards? 

EH: Make an honest effort to meet customer requirements. 

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