ExotikTraveler’s ‘Elegant’ Collaboration!

ExotikTraveler’s ‘Elegant’ Collaboration!


I’m happy to announce that ExotikTraveler, as part of this year’s expansion to new partners is kicking it off with one of the finest travel websites currently out there…

Everyone meet the E for Elegance(!!) — A blog where you can immerse yourselves into an elegant world of living — from high end #fashion to exquisite #travel treasures to the ultimate inspiration for finesse and elegance in #deco

Twice a month the Elisavet Chatzigaki, founder of E for Elegance, will be sharing exclusive content with all of us, from the lastest travel fashion, to the ultimate lifestyle inspiration and elegant hot spots to eat and drink around the world.

On the other hand, Exotik Travelewill be sharing with E for Elegance  luxury travel news, prestigious hotels and exclusive destinations. 

Of course, gift giveaways and contests will be soon open to both E for Elegance and Exotik Traveler readers.

Don’t forget to hit the like button at E for Elegance and follow them on Instagram.

Stay tuned for amazing content to come on luxury lifestyle recommendations by E for Elegance.

Shor bio of Elisavet, founder of E for Elegance:

My name is Elisavet Chatzigaki and I am the owner and founder of the online luxury lifestyle guide E for Elegance (www.eforelegance.wordpress.com). All my life I have been particularly drawn into luxury aesthetics, services and the luxury mode de vie. With a background in Public Relations & Marketing  I thought of translating my passion into words and exquisite content and sharing it with all of you via E for Elegance. I love high-end fashion, exceptional art and deco, fine gastronomy and luxury travels and this guide I created features all this categories in a perfect combination. Now, you have the chance to get inspired, draw ideas or simply brighten up your day.
In the gloomy world that we live in, I want E for Elegance to stand as a constant source of optimism and inspiration!

Photo of Elisavet Chatzigaki in a recent fashion photo shoot

Join #TheWorldofEforElegance on Instagram at @eforeleganceofficial or send us an e-mail at eforelegance@gmail.com.