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Creating tailor-made campaigns for luxury industry partners to meet their goals and stay prepared for the future, adapting to their specific needs and strategic objectives.
We collaborate with Aura Communications, an official PR Agency of Luxury Lifestyle Awards, a global award selecting, recognizing, celebrating and promoting the best luxury goods and services all over the world.

Our Mission

As luxury brand consultants, we analyze the context of your company and your objectives and targets, helping you find the best measures to reinvent your business and evolve.

Our core values

We know your client

We have an extensive experience in the design of bespoke luxury brands and direct contact with potential clients.

Quick Metodologhy

From the moment we start working we study your company’s objectives.

The AURA effect

Like a person, any product or service is a unique set of ideas, goals, image, and reputation – everything that can be called the aura of a brand. Through cutting edge strategies and campaigns, we create a vision of the brand’s aura and share it with consumers around the world. We have developed a model that we called the AURA effect, which will allow you to reach your target audience and obtain the maximum result. AURA is what makes your products and services recognizable and desired.

Our experience tells us PR & Marketing is now key to connect with new clients and share with existing the latest news, trends, and experiences your brand offers; we aim to develop a better version of what you have.
We are sure clients now use social media more than ever and we want to make sure your company is included in clients’ wishlist.
We ensure quality of service and innovation through our contacts in the luxury industry and we stay constantly up to date with the trends and latest news.


Our all-in-one solutions for our luxury industry partners to be well-recognized


Aura provides bespoke media relations, influencer marketing, and social media strategy services


Aura clients are premium & luxury brands and services operating in the travel, beauty, real estate, food, beverages, and lifestyle industries

PR & Communications

Rebuild your reputation. Allow us to make your business visible enough through PR strategies and target new markets.