Where to go in November

Where to go in November


November is a fantastic month to travel. Did you know that if you can travel in November you are really lucky? We are going to list here the best destinations to travel in November and explain why.

If you have the luck and availability to travel in November, you will mainly benefit from:

– Climatic conditions, ideal to enjoy destinations where the best season is autumn.
– No mass tourism , like you can find everywhere during summer; this translates into greater comfort during your trip.
– The third and important advantage is that you can find more affordable prices since it is not high season in most destinations.

From ExotikTraveler we are going to recommend you fabulous options to enjoy your trip in November to the maximum and get to know wonderful places.

Europe. The foundations of the western world
November is pre-winter season in Europe, although it is still not too cold and it is an ideal season to enjoy the autumnal landscapes and visit beautiful European cities.
The November bridge, popularly known as the All Saints Bridge, provides you with some perfect days to make small and intense getaways to see enchanting places in Europe. Emblematic cities of the old continent and its area of influence, so that you admire its monuments and breathe its culture and its way of life. We propose the following destinations, ideal to visit in this time.

Another fantastic option to take advantage of the All Saints Bridge is a trip to Budapest. The historical capital of Hungary, known as the Pearl of the Danube, is one of the most emblematic cities of the European center and treasures precious monuments within a careful urban setting. Without a doubt it is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. The Parliament, the Castle district, the Opera, a night cruise on the Danube and a rich gastronomy are attractions that you should enjoy in Budapest.

A trip to Berlin to discover the German capital where the classic and the modern blend harmoniously. You can admire the mythical Brandenburg Gate, visit the famous “Reichstag” seat of the German parliament and immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the big city, fortunately reunited after the years of division caused by the Second World War, with the fall of the Berlin Wall on November 9, 1989. Traveling to Berlin is to explore history.

Africa. The wonders of authentic nature
Traveling in November to Africa will give you the pleasure of mixing nature, discovery and tourism, with the added component of adventure that reveals to the Westerners a wonderful world that surprises and that in many places preserves a total authenticity.

It is a unique place that in November enjoys a perfect climate -with neither cold nor heat- and the tranquility of not finding the tourist mass that occurs in other eras. You will be able to know beautiful landscapes, historical imperial cities and the unusual places treasured by the desert. The immense dunes of the Sahara, the green forests of the Middle Atlas and knowing the traditional culture of the Berber people are some of the treasures that you will store in your memory forever.
The best times of the year to visit Morocco are October / November and March / April, although at any time of the year it is cozy and attractive.

A great and historic country. The variety of ethnicities and landscapes makes Ethiopia always surprise the visitor, so you can make very different trips to the state whose independence is the oldest on the continent.
In November there are the best circumstances for you to embark on a trip to one of the most rigorous regions of the planet: the Danakil desert. You will live an authentic expedition to the heart of the cradle of humanity. You will arrive at the foot of the impressive Danakil crater, you will contact the Afar ethnic group, you will meet typical Ethiopian markets and many other things to discover a unique country.

America. The essence of greatness
America is a continent of greatness in the broadest sense of the word since it is made up of great countries, large cities are built there, great civilizations lived in its past, and its natural beauty is as huge as the Andes that cross the area from top to bottom. Western South America, or the Great Lakes of the North located between Canada and the United States. In November, for climatic reasons, it is especially advisable to visit the countries of the south, since the north adds in the winter as we do in Europe.

This beautiful Central American country, recognized as the cradle of ecotourism, is a privileged place in the world for its nature and beauty. Although it is an ideal destination for any time of the year, in November it is highly recommended because in October the rainy season has ended, and on the other hand it is not yet considered high season, which already begins in December, so flights and stays are more affordable.
The virgin beaches in November are delicious. But also in Costa Rica you will find extraordinary national parks and biological reserves where you will see a diversity of fauna and flora unique in the world, many of them endemic to the country. We tell you something for sure: You will fall in love with Costa Rica.

Argentina is a great country, both in size and attractiveness. It occupies practically all the southwest of South America and for its enormous territory it offers us very different places and landscapes. For the same reason, the climatic differences are great, so November is a fantastic month to avoid the rigors of the spectacular cold part of the south.
You can visit the historical capital Buenos Aires, travel the immense Patagonia to enjoy a landscape and varied ecosystems, from the steppe to Tierra del Fuego, true gateway to Antarctica. Unique marine species such as the southern whale and many others suppose a precious experience, as it will be able to share your time with the penguins or observe the lakes and glaciers, among which the famous Perito Moreno stands out. A trip absolutely recommended and more especially between November and March.

Oceania. The dreamy landscapes
Oceania is the continent of paradisiacal islands that abound in the archipelagos of Polynesia, Melanesia and Micronesia, next to the continental shelf of Australia and the large islands of New Guinea and New Zealand.
Islands and atolls of volcanic and coral character plague the newest continents recognized by humanity. The beauty of countless places, the Edenic beaches and the exceptional vegetation make traveling to Oceania a luxury for our senses and something absolutely unforgettable for the travelers of the old world.

We could almost say that any time of the year is good for going to Oceania but we highly recommend a trip to New Zealand since the best time to travel to this destination starts in November and lasts until April.
This fantastic country, which is actually made up of two large islands, is a true haven of peace in the Southern Hemisphere and will seduce you with its wild landscapes full of endless forests, lakes of an intense blue, rivers full of life and adventure, and summits snowfall more than 3000 meters high. The natural beauty contrasts with the modernity of Auckland, the great city of the north island, or the capital Wellington. The Maoris, their natural inhabitants, call their land “Aotearoa” meaning “the land of the great white cloud” and if you visit New Zealand in November you will really be in a cloud full of beauty and attractiveness.

Asia. The giant of indomitable cultures
Asia is the most extensive and most populated continent on our planet. Ancestral cultures of very diverse natures and origins are distributed throughout its immense territory. From the Arab peoples of the southwest of the continent to the oriental Buddhist cultures, passing through the important Hindu civilization. In Asia you will find great giants such as India and China, but also small countries of great beauty and cultural power such as Bhutan or Nepal. The way of being of the Asians, always considering it in a general way, is kind and calm. Their values ​​and their way of facing life are very different from those we have in the West. Traveling to Asia is always a vital experience.

This is undoubtedly a country with a very special personality, for geographical and historical reasons, since it is said to have an Asian soul and a Latin heart. After the rainy season, November is an ideal time for you to enjoy how much this nation offers, besides benefiting from the low season with little tourist influx.
The Philippine beaches are truly paradisiacal and their turquoise waters are incredibly clear and transparent. You can discover an authentic land, a happy and carefree people, and know great cities together with an exceptional nature such as its jungle-covered mountains, its smoking volcanoes, its endemic fauna, its emerald-colored rice fields and the aforementioned wonderful beaches.

Traveling to Nepal is discovering a fascinating historical culture, as well as enjoying breathtaking landscapes with the Himalayas and its huge peaks with Everest – the highest mountain in the world – in the foreground. November is a very good time because the monsoon season is over and the weather is mild.
This small country treasures a huge wealth from the point of view of biodiversity and its ethnicities. Despite having been repressed by the Chinese giant adjoining and despite being flogged not long ago by a great earthquake, the Nepali people are always moving forward and giving us authentic life lessons with their character. Interestingly, despite its small size, Nepal is a country where you will know regions that go from the most icy to the subtropical. Who goes to Nepal never returns indifferent.

If you want to know another type of culture, although equally based on an indestructible ancestral roots, an optimal destination for November is to visit Jordan. Climate November is a good time for you to visit this historic Arab country, because in summer it is too hot. Also April and May are optimal times in this regard.
The tourist and cultural attractions of Jordan are many. You can walk through the mythical Wadi Rum, known as the Lawrence of Arabia desert, admire the Roman ruins of Jerash, experience the unique sensation of bathing and floating in the waters of the Dead Sea and visit the fantastic Pera with its famous Siq façade. You will also enjoy an unforgettable camp in the desert.

From a very special archipelago we turn to another whose current image and meaning leads us to think about power, development and modernity. Japan, the so-called country of the rising sun, is of course much more than a country in the leading position of the current developed world. Its natural beauty and its ancestral culture justifiably justify that it is an essential country to know for a traveler.
November is a spring month in Japan so the climate unfolds throughout its territory filling its extensive gardens with flowers. In Japan you can admire its great capital Tokyo, other large cities such as Kyoto or Nara, visit the Japanese Alps and know the sacred places of Japanese culture. An exceptional country and a fantastic option for November.

Apart from the specific destinations for November, in ExotikTraveler we offer you many other possibilities to travel through the world in November.

Autumn is a season of important climatic changes and it is interesting to take advantage of them to visit destinations at their best. Therefore, if you have the time to escape in November, the month before Christmas holidays, you can go to fantastic places. This is an excellent selection of destinations, but the world is so immense that they do not end there. In ExotikTraveler we help you choose the best option for you and what you are looking for.

Which destination would be your favorite for a trip in November?



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