What are “wellness journeys” and why should you try them?

What are “wellness journeys” and why should you try them?


Some people have never left the town or city in which they were born and have no intention of doing so either. Others even hate to get on a plane because they associate it with the working world they would like to part with. However, many other individuals deeply love everything that travel involves. From the mere fact of thinking about the destination and specifying the journey, going through planning the routes, points of interest, accommodation and gastronomic options, absolutely everything is fascinating!

Well, if you are a travel lover, you can not miss the concept of “wellness trips“. You will understand very soon why they have become so popular (and you will want to try them out soon). Discover them, below.

What are they exactly?

The primary objective of “wellness trips” is to promote the adventurous spirit of each individual by enhancing their physical, mental and spiritual health. In other words, the idea is that you feel fuller and in harmony when you return to your home than you were when you left for the chosen destination. Consequently, this type of travel guarantees a feeling of well-being that is much more lasting than a simple holiday.

What would it be like in particular?

At first the name may sound like a spiritual retreat in which one meditates and does yoga almost the whole day. However, “wellness trips” go much further. If you love discipline, you can either take your mat or sign up for yoga classes at the chosen site, but it is not obligatory to do so.

The beauty of this kind of travel lies, in any case, in that each person can design it in the way that they consider most convenient. Some choose, for example, to prioritize fitness, while others choose to give more importance to relaxing moments. You choose!

What are the most popular activities?

Of course, the most popular alternatives tend to be linked to outdoor activities, healthy meals and certain ideal places for meditation. In short, it is sought, within the freedom of choice, the fact of connecting with those points that we usually put aside in daily life, such as a balanced nutrition or certain moments of deep relaxation. Each activity will follow your own rhythm, and not that of others, which provides satisfaction and comfort.

What are the benefits of this type of travel?

The “wellness trips” have a dynamic quite different from the typical holidays. When we leave a week or two at most a year it is easy to fall into the temptation to “give us likes” by eating, drinking, going out and spending more. And, although at the moment we can enjoy it, this joy is quite ephemeral and in the medium (or short) term we usually experience a rather negative feeling: guilt.

However, in “wellness trips” people try to have fun and explore different facets of their being without experiencing guilt or resentment. The how is simple: the activities are designed not to produce an ephemeral pleasure, but to create a balance that implies an improvement in the integral health of the individual, release stress and recharge and disconnect from daily cares.

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