Welcome to The Philippines

Welcome to The Philippines

Welcome to The Philippines


Yes, there are paradises to be discovered. And, at least some of them are in the Philippines. This archipelago, with more than 7,000 tropical islands is full of paradises in which to enter. Whether in El Nido or in Sipalay, or in even more remote places, spectacular beaches await us, waters of green and turquoise colors of great beauty and unsurpassed seascapes. In these magical places we find boutique hotels and small resorts of great category and with impeccable services.
True luxury destinations in which to spend unforgettable days in paradise resting, eating excellent delicacies and enjoying superb Spas. But also a magical place for those more active who can enjoy snorkeling, scuba diving or kayak routes. And, for those looking for a little more exclusivity, in the Philippines it is possible to rent your own island with all the unimaginable services.
The Philippines is much more than beach. It is a fascinating country in which to enjoy unique experiences, such as sailing alongside the fearsome whale shark, climbing volcanoes of great beauty, discovering the original cultural and gastronomic scene of Manila, touring the island of Bohol by motorcycle or visiting the rice terraces of Ifugao, considered as the eighth wonder of the world. All this framed in a culture that has very close aspects for the hundreds of years of common history.
And it is that the Philippines is a wonderful country and discovering it is a luxury of experience.

Our favorite accommodations:


Amanpulo has its own private island and is synonymous with luxury disconnection. This resort is spread over 89 hectares of Pamalica Island, in the Sulu Sea, almost an hour’s flight from Manila.

Welcome to The Philippines

Tugawe Cove Resort

Hummingbirds, dense forests, calcareous cliffs, waterfalls and lakes: Caramoan Island is one of the most idyllic corners of the south and central Philippines.

There is the Tugawe Cove Resort. Built along a hillside, above Lauing Bay, its height offers unique panoramic views of the Sombrero, Loto and Litao islands.

It has an outdoor restaurant and an infinity pool at the top of the hill, plus a path that takes you directly to the ocean. On the beach, guests can kayak and snorkel.

Welcome to The Philippines

Qi Palawan

For those who seek peace and tranquility, Qi Palawan is the most isolated place that can be found. To get to this family-run refuge, travelers must take a flight from Manila to El Nido Airport, which lasts more than an hour, and then drive for another hour to the northeast end of Palawan Island.

You will know that you are arriving when the truck starts to jump on a road without asphalt, in the middle of nowhere.

Once you’re there, it all comes down to seeing the ocean, resting in a hammock while the breeze hits you and strolling through lush gardens.

Welcome to The Philippines

Dedon Island

On this island you live without worries and the beach is usually empty.

Dedon Island is a remote spot on Siargao Island, at the southern tip of the archipelago, almost five hours by plane from Manila, via Cebu, followed by 40 minutes by car.

Welcome to The Philippines


Amarela is on one of the most remote beaches of Panglao Island, which overlooks the Bohol Ocean. Here everything has to do with a carefree lifestyle.

Welcome to The Philippines


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