Top Rated Luxury Honeymoons You Should Consider for 2021

Top Rated Luxury Honeymoons You Should Consider for 2021

Top Rated Luxury Honeymoons You Should Consider for 2021


We know that you are now thriving to jump on the plane and start your honeymoon to your favorite destination. Wedding preparation and functions can make you tired and leave you with very less energy to plan your honeymoon. Don’t worry we have drafted this article to take care of honeymoon destinations.

After doing comprehensive research on luxury destinations across the globe, we have shortlisted the few best options for you. These destinations are wonderful places if you want to have an unforgettable honeymoon experience. So without much ado, let us look at the top rated luxury honeymoons you should consider.


One of the most intriguing luxury honeymoon destinations in this small Buddhist country located in the lap of Eastern Himalayas. Bhutan opened up as tourist destinations in 1974 and has been one of the most mesmerizing places that lured numerous honeymooners.

This place is not just another honeymoon destination with beaches and sunset. Honeymooning in Bhutan can be very exciting as it requires you to stay at multiple places to sight-see its famous attractions. Surrounded by natural beauty and wonderful local must-see spots, Bhutan offers a life-time and memorable honeymoon experience.

It is located between India and Tibet and is famous for its five mail valleys – Paro, Gangtey, Thimpu, Punakha and Bumthang. Although you will have to do a lot of trekking and horse-back riding to reach its famous attractions, we can assure you it will worth your while. The luxury resorts of Bhutan offer a fantastic experience by tailoring the visits (and even specific events) as per your convenience and give you unforgettable honeymoon memories.

After a tiring day, you can relax and soothe your muscles with Bhutanese healing stone baths.  Bhutan is one of the top rated luxury honeymoons you should consider.

Top Rated Luxury Honeymoons You Should Consider for 2021


Next on the list is a unique and interesting country called Burma (also known as Myanmar). This destination offers picturesque sceneries and astonishing food delicacies. Its temple city – Bagan, has been awarded a World Heritage Status by UNESCO.

There are numerous luxury resorts to choose from like Pan Pacific Yangoon, that can give a grand honeymoon experience. You will find numerous sites that are worth visiting while you are enjoying a holiday in Burma. You can start your journey with its famous Golden Rock Pagoda which is also known as Kyaiktiyo. It is a pilgrim site located in the Mon state of Burma.

But if you are feeling more adventurous, then we suggest spicing up your honeymoon with a ride in a hot air balloon in Bagan. Burma is one for the greatest honeymoon destinations for adventurous and spiritual couples. You can also opt for a private tour for a rich experience while honeymooning in this spiritual country.

Top Rated Luxury Honeymoons You Should Consider for 2021


Japan is one of the most appealing and attractive luxury honeymoon destinations. You can plan your honeymoon in this remarkable country in any season. Numerous tourist locations in this country can make your honeymoon memorable.

Talking about its attractions – you can visit the snow-capped Mt. Fuji for a mesmerizing and majestic winter view. If you wondering does Japan celebrate Christmas, the answer is yes they do and in some style. Japan can be a winter wonderland as well as a tropical paradise. The hot spring bath at Zen gardens and lush green bamboo forest is bound to make you fall in love with Japan. There is nothing more luxurious than pampering yourself on a honeymoon in Japan.

One of the best places to stay while honeymooning in Japan is luxury Ryokan – a Japanese style inn. You would also find many other luxury hotels to choose from for a memorable honeymoon. Japan is famous for its variety of cuisines, nightlife, outdoor adventure and traditional crafts.

Japan is a country with many attractions and from food to luxury and mesmerizing sites, this country would be ideal for a luxury honeymoon.

Top Rated Luxury Honeymoons You Should Consider for 2021


We cannot complete this list of best luxury honeymoon destination without the mention of this marvelous country, Maldives. This awesome destination crosses the mind of each newlywed for their honeymoon. Whether we mention the best beaches or the best resorts, hardly any location to top this mesmerizing destination.

There are a lot of things to do in the Maldives but one thing you should not miss is staying in the luxury Maldivian overwater bungalows. Your luxury honeymoon would be enriched by this experience. You can select from a wide range of luxury stay options like Four Seasons that lets you book private voyages and over-night cruises.

For overwater bungalows you can choose from Six Senses Laamu or Jumeirah Vittaveli that are a swimming distance from vivid reef and five-shipwrecks. In our opinion, nothing could beautify your honeymoon more than the blue ocean, white beaches and clean air of Maldives.

Top Rated Luxury Honeymoons You Should Consider for 2021

Sri Lanka

This destination is one of the new entrants in the list of top rated luxury honeymoons you should consider. Sri Lanka is located at the southern tip of India and has caught the attention of many luxury honeymooners. The main reason for its popularity is its unique blend of culture and natural beauty.

You have numerous options to choose from for your honeymoon activities. Adventure activities like kayaking or hiking are very popular. You may even plan a quiet evening with your spouse over serene water bungalows and visit some the famous beaches of Sri Lanka.

If you an animal enthusiast, then you would love a visit to Sri Lanka’s Yala National Park which has the highest population density of leopards in the world. Although this country is relatively new to tourism, you can expect to have a splendid time with your loved one in this country surrounded by natural beauty.

Concluding Thoughts

Planning your luxury honeymoon is very exciting and you would want to explore as many options as you can before finalizing a destination. The honeymoon memories stay with us for a lifetime and we are sure that you would want to make it as memorable as you can. This is the reason we decided to come up with this draft of the article.

This write-up focused on the destinations that are top rated luxury honeymoons you should consider and we hope you enjoyed reading it!