Top Rated Holidays for Luxury Travelers In European Waters

Top Rated Holidays for Luxury Travelers In European Waters

Top Rated Holidays for Luxury Travelers In European Waters


St. Augustine once said that the world is a book and if you do not travel, chances are, you will miss out on reading only one page of the entire booklet. If you are thinking hard on going for a luxury holiday in the Mediterranean, then this write-up is specially written for you. This article has been written keeping in mind the top rated Mediterranean holidays for luxury travelers.

In the coming sections, you would find the selective destinations that are bound to make you awe-struck. After comprehensive research of the best destinations across the Mediterranean, we were able to shortlist the top 5 awesome destinations for luxury travelers. Let us quickly jump to the section where we showcase the interesting things about these locations.


One of the most incredible places to visit in Europe for luxury holidays is Turkey. It is also the most underrated European holiday destination limiting with the Aegean and Black Sea. You would be astonished to see the amazing sites and spectacular architecture. Turkey is bestowed with natural beauty that is only enhanced by its stunning cultural sites.

You can choose from a wide range of luxury hotels and resorts while visiting Turkey. This destination would be a surprise package for all those luxury travelers who want to pamper themselves with rich experiences. Enjoy the new style of bathing in Hammam which is also known as the Turkish bath.

There are so many reasons to consider Turkey as your destination if you are a luxury traveler. You can experience the hot-air ballooning over Cappadocia that would keep you mesmerized for a long time. The magnificent coastal scenery in the south-western part of Turkey is mind-blowing.

Top Rated Holidays for Luxury Travelers In European Waters


If you are scouting for a luxury holiday location with immense options to have a memorable experience, then Greece should be on the top of your list. Every experience would be unique in Greece – whether you stay near seaside or a hinterland.

For those of you who are luxury travelers, you can hire a yacht or a sailboat to encounter the natural landscapes. Various exciting activities like skiing, snowmobile driving, rafting and mountain biking would enhance the excitement of your visit.

One of the most exciting things to do in Greece is island hopping and the only way you can hop from one island to another is by a ferry. It is an amazing experience that you will never forget.

After you are tired from all the activities, you can spend the rest of the day for rejuvenation of body and soul with spas and special treatments. Greece is one of the top rated Mediterranean holidays for luxury travelers.

Top Rated Holidays for Luxury Travelers In European Waters


It is difficult to draft a write-up on Mediterranean destination for luxury travelers without mentioning Italy. This beautiful country has the most vibrant cities in the work and the natural lakes and coast enhance its splendor. Italy is also famous for its variety of mouth-watering delicacies which you must not forget to enjoy while on holidays to this wonderful place.

Visiting the lagoon city, Venice is a magical experience which is enhanced by the Grand Canal and quiet Campos. Of course, one cannot miss visiting the famous leaning tower of pizza. Other famous attractions include Pompeii, Lake Como, Amalfi coast, and Cinque Terre.

There is a lot you can do when you are in Italy but if you want to experience a luxury lifestyle, then do not forget to check out some of the amazing luxury Italy tours of the Amalfi coast. It is a 50 km long coastline with sheer cliffs and rugged shoreline that is dotted with small beaches and fishing villages that are pastel-colored.

Top Rated Holidays for Luxury Travelers In European Waters


A luxury holiday in Morocco would promise stunning panoramas and exhilarating Medinas, swathed in eternal tradition and modern luxury. You can enjoy the famous and mouth-watering cuisine of Morocco – lamb tangine or zaalouk. Another amazing thing to do in Morocco is spoiling yourself with a Hammam bath for rejuvenation.

You will also find great upmarket boutiques and traditional stores which are one of the best in Africa for shopping. Moreover, if you are looking to have a great time at the beach then we suggest you visit Essaouira that has a picturesque fishing harbour and amazing scenery. Moreover, for those of you who prefer mountains to the sea, you can visit the colossal Atlas Mountains that spread across Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia. This is the only place in Africa with a ski resort.

Top Rated Holidays for Luxury Travelers In European Waters


Croatia is a country with marvelous attractions. This country is famous for its picturesque beauty and sunny weather. You can enjoy the atmospheric Roman ruins where even the famous Games of Thrones filming took place. This country is all about beautiful beaches, crystal clear water and historic places. Additionally, for coffee and food lovers, this country is heaven.

In recent times, this destination has become known to attract many tourists. This country has one of the sunniest spots and hence many luxury travelers from the UK visit regularly. The month of May and June has almost 12 hours of sunshine every day.

If you are looking to spoil yourself with luxury on your holidays in Croatia, then we suggest you visit Dubrovnik, which is Croatia’s most important historic cities. It is also considered to be the most expensive cities and has attracted many celebrities in the past.

Moreover, this amazing place also has eight national parks – one of them is also included in the UNESCO. Croatia can offer top rated Adriatic Sea holidays for luxury travelers. This amazing country has a lot to offer on your luxury holidays.

Top Rated Holidays for Luxury Travelers In European Waters

Concluding Thoughts

Holidays are all about the adventure and exploring new places. However, choosing a destination is not always easy. It might because of insufficient information or lack of knowledge. We created this write-up to help you make an easy selection for your next travel destination.

After comprehensive research, we were able to narrow down to five options for top rated European holiday destinations for luxury travelers. We hope that you enjoyed reading it and the information provided proves to be of help in choosing your next holiday place.