Tips for packing like a pro

Tips for packing like a pro

Tips for packing like a pro


Take note of these tips for packing and traveling stress-free and light.

If you are never sure what to take with you when you travel, what kind of suitcase is suitable or what is allowed or not in your hand luggage today you will be out of doubt. We know that packing can give you a lot of headaches, so we have prepared a good list of tips so you can leave the house quiet knowing that you carry everything.
Keep reading and discover with us tricks to pack as a true professional.

Choose the format of your suitcase

Before starting to put things inside, it is worth stopping to think about what type of luggage suits us for the trip we are going to make. Depending on the destination, the transports we are going to use, the temperature that we will find, the restrictions of the airlines or our way of traveling we will be more interested in one thing or another.

In addition, it is also important that you consider size. Think that clothes for hot climates occupy less space than winter, so if you go to the summer, choose a less bulky luggage with which you are more comfortable. Finally, if the airline with which you are going to fly charges expenses for check-in, be sure to make a suitcase that meets the requirements that it indicates to carry it in the cabin of the plane.

Make a list

Sit down and think about everything you need to take for this trip. It is much more practical to make a list of what you are going to take than to walk like a madman from one side of the house to the other taking things without stopping. One of the best tricks to pack as a professional is to do it calmly and with time in advance, so that you can buy things that you will need and do not go crazy on the last day. Make that list and let it mature, surely a few days later you can think of more necessary items. When you’re prepared and you’re sure you don’t carry too much, get down to work!

Create daily outfits

Once you have the list made, it is time to reduce it a lot. We always tend to carry too much and carry things that we don’t wear in the end. To pack your bag, carry what you normally wear, not what you would like to wear and that you always have cornered at the end of the drawer. Going comfortable is important and it is not the time to experiment. A good trick to make luggage is to make sets of clothes, that is, to wear clothes that combine with each other so that you do not stop wearing something because it does not combine with the other clothes that you wear. Thus, if you are only going to travel a few days, you can make daily sets using several articles several days. If it is a long trip, load with shirts, pants, dresses, skirts or shoes that can combine well with each other. Also, think that laundries exist all over the world at hotels and that clothes can be washed and thus avoid going very heavy.

Make sure you fit everything perfectly

One of the most important things to pack as a professional is to place things well in the suitcase you have chosen. In general, it is better to always put down items that have more weight, such as pants, toiletry bag and shoes. Remember to put the shoes in individual bags to take advantage of the space and not stain the rest. Also, make everything fit much better and wrinkle less by rolling all the clothes in the form of a tube. If you wear cashmere or silk garments, place them on top of the suitcase to avoid wrinkles, as well as shirts, suits and evening dresses.

In case that you carry a backpack, try to put what weighs more in the center of the backpack and distribute everything you need so that there are no free gaps and that it acquires an uncomfortable shape for your back. If you are going to be moving a lot, the most comfortable thing is that you leave the things you are going to use the most, such as pajamas or the toiletry bag on the top of the backpack.

Its organization that makes it perfect

It is very likely that you are not in a single accommodation on your trip, so avoid having to pack again and again carrying everything organized. It is especially important in the case that you travel with a backpack, since in those cases finding something specific is usually more difficult. Our expert advice is that you use cloth bags that serve as compartments. In this way, if you need t-shirts you can take out this compartment knowing that there will be what you need. Do the same with underwear, accessory items such as chargers, plug adapters, etc. and thus avoid having to redo the suitcase.

Separate liquids

Do not end up with a suitcase full of soap and protect all liquids you are going to carry. If you travel with hand luggage, remember that they should be carried in individual containers of less than 100 milliliters capacity and in a transparent plastic bag of less than one liter capacity. This bag you must show when passing the security check. In the case of checking them in the luggage, remember to close them well (it would even be necessary to seal them with zeal) and take them in plastic bags so that they do not come out.

Make sure your documents are always with you

Remember that without documentation you do nothing, so protect it well and always carry it with you. An even better option to have it inside your carry-on luggage is to get an internal waist bag or document holder that allows you to hide your passport, national identity card and money from thieves.