This is how Pablo Escobar lived in his mansion in Mexico, which today is the luxury resort Casa Malca

This is how Pablo Escobar lived in his mansion in Mexico, which today is the luxury resort Casa Malca


The Narcos series, which became so popular in Netflix, has once again brought Colombian drug trafficker Pablo Escobar to life. Knowing how the delinquent lived and knowing his adventures and, taking advantage of the situation, Lio Malca, famous Colombian collector and gallery owner, has led to a  new concept of living, to the old Escobar retirement mansion in Mexico. Now it is a 5 star hotel with an underground pool and works of art.

Like out of a movie. Yes. This could be your stay in Mexico, Tulum. This was the mansion of Pablo Escobar, one of the most famous drug traffickers (and politician) in history, is today a 5-star resort where you can enjoy a unique stay in Aztec lands. Renovated by Lio Malca, Casa Malca has become one of the most luxurious tourist complexes in the province of Yucatan. It has 35 rooms and an art gallery as the main attraction, as well as an underground pool, a luxurious bar, and wonderful views of the sea.

Sheltered by the wildest nature and bathed by the crystalline waters of the Mexican Caribbean; surrounded by Mayan ruins and wrapped in an atmosphere of peace and exclusivity. There is a corner in Tulum, Mexico, where it is possible to get lost from the world if you want to. Enjoy a stay in the purest gangster style between the walls that for decades were witness to the dirty business of the founder of the Medellín cartel, Pablo Escobar. Adrenaline.

Casa Malca is the piece of natural paradise that the Colombian narco chose in the 1980s as a place of retreat, far from business and justice. But since his death in 1993, that idyllic place remained hidden in oblivion. It has been the famous gallerist and Colombian collector Lio Malca – certainly, of the Spanish island of Ibiza, where he inaugurated in 2015 a large space for art exhibitions in La Nave de las Salinas-, who has taken on the challenge of returning to give life to this abandoned paradise. And it is not an easy task to convert a refuge associated with the dark business of cocaine into an Eden of Beauty and tranquility. But the renowned patron has successfully managed to resurface that space full of history and impregnated with an imposing halo of wealth and power. Casa Malca is today one of the most luxurious boutique hotels in the area of Tulum.

It is an exclusive, secluded and idyllic place. The property, located in a vast protected natural space, has more than 20,000 square meters of surface. When it opened its doors in 2015, it had nine bedrooms. But now it has up to 35 rooms, among which the suite stands out, the most exclusive room, with 70 square meters of surface, private terrace and roof, and unbeatable views of the sea and the jungle. The average price of the double room is around 700 dollars per night.

How could it be otherwise, Lio Malca has turned the complex into a true art gallery with contemporary works from his own collection, including paintings, sculptures and furniture by modern designers and artists such as Basquiat, Rafael Gómez Barros, Kenny Scharf or Kaws, among many others. And also, thinking of the recurring guests, the art dealer exhibits the pieces temporarily, changing them frequently, so that customers can enjoy a new exhibition every time they visit the resort.

The hotel also has an underground pool, which in turn functions as a steam bath, with colorful lighting inspired by the famous lighting installations by James Turrell. On the ground floor is the bar, decorated in the Keith Haring style. It has another outdoor pool with incredible views of the Caribbean Sea, as well as 200 meters of white sand beach and crystal clear waters.

Egyptian cotton towels, organic cotton and bamboo sheets, food of the highest quality, underground passageways that connect the different spaces of the complex …

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