Segera Retreat, Kenya


Segera is a treasured haven for Kenya’s most celebrated wildlife species, where a holistic approach to wellness ensures a revitalizing and authentic safari experience from the moment you arrive.

Nestled between glorious Mount Kenya to the east and the Great Rift Valley to the west, a stunningly diverse and seemingly magical environment, Segera’s golden savannah plains, rocky waterfalls and tropical botanical gardens offer a peerless and exquisite venue for the perfect romantic escape or family holiday.

The Retreat

Fusing absolute luxury with environmentally friendly technology, Segera Retreat is a splash of green in a golden savannah. What once corralled cattle away from predators is now a lush botanical garden with mammoth indigenous euphorbia trees shading flowering pathways that link thatched elevated villas to pools, daybeds, bars and lounge areas.

Understated elegance and quiet authenticity create a retreat that is utterly comfortable and effortlessly stylish. The co-existence of new and heritage buildings gives a modern twist to classics; the traditional Kenyan farmhouse has a dialogue with the new wine cellar tower; a zen-like courtyard is linked by natural elements and curved structures. Overall the feel is eclectic. A sense of a collector’s objet trouvé personalizes interiors, while significant artworks punctuate open spaces with drama. There is a sense of monumentality, of horse-worn wood, hand-smoothed stones, rock walls softened by fringes of twisted thatch roofs and light dripping through locally-made recycled glass chandeliers.

Villa Segera

Villa Segera is the perfect romantic hideaway for two, consisting of two creatively assembled wooden buildings connected by a swing bridge, with a large en suite bedroom, private dining areas, a generous salt-water swimming pool and two lounge areas decorated with fine antiques and artworks, including an exclusive Michael Poliza photo gallery.


Moving beyond the luxurious setting of your Villa and the Retreat, Segera is a beautiful African wilderness offering a whole world of experiences and memories – a classic safari adventure with exhilarating wildlife sightings and sceneries.

In a safari experience reminiscent of ‘Out of Africa’, visitors to Segera enjoy a wide range of personalized activities in a landscape diverse with savannah grasslands, waterfalls, rivers and woodlands. Further afield, Segera also arranges excursions to local communities, bustling markets and various Segera-supported community projects.

Segera’s dining experience is personalized and creative. Menus focus on fresh, seasonal, homegrown ingredients and are thoughtfully tailored to guests’ preferences, specific venue styles and individual wine recommendations.

Segera’s team of professional chefs can also cater to any unusual or hypoallergenic cuisine requirements, including vegan, gluten-free, raw food, nut-free or otherwise.

Why visit Segera?

Segera proves that luxury can be sustainable. Its ecologically sound practices pro-actively enhance comfort, with vast solar installations providing all energy and heating dramatic outdoor baths, recycled and captured rain water feeding the verdant gardens and homegrown vegetables pulled fresh from the earth enriching daily menus.

Keeping vital migration routes open to the surrounding environments, sustainable thinking grows in the gardens of nearby schools and has a powerful effect on the lives of the communities that live alongside Segera Ranch and Retreat. Over the last decade what started as degraded land was literally brought to life; Segera is a catalyst for change.


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