Peru, a journey through the land of the Incas

Peru, a journey through the land of the Incas

Peru, a journey through the land of the Incas


Can you imagine exploring one of the most beautiful places on the planet and staying in exceptional hotels? Feeling an adventurer in total communion with nature while enjoying sustainable luxury? This is the travel concept that we propose to discover the Peru.

A trip to Peru is a trip to get to know one of the most fashionable countries in the Americas, and its rich and vibrant culture. From the heights of the mythical Machu Picchu and the archaeological remains of the Inca civilization to the mysterious streets of Cuzco or the colonial neighborhoods of Lima where you can taste one of the most intense gastronomies in the world.

Peru, a journey through the land of the Incas


Get lost in this city, stroll through its streets and soak up its purest essence. The neighborhoods of Miraflores and Barranco have bookstores, bars and theaters that come in handy to unravel the local culture. Its most beautiful and well-known squares, the Plaza San Martín and the Plaza de Armas where you can contemplate the Government Palace and the Cathedral of Lima. A first look at the roots of such a mystical and mysterious culture.


Cuzco is the heart of the Andes. Enter the Inca world and its ancestral culture through the Plaza de Armas, the neighborhood of San Blas, discovering the ruins of the Sacsayhuaman fortress, and how could it be otherwise, visit the impressive San bleed Valley of the Incas. Packed with rivers that descend through gorges and small valleys; It has numerous archaeological monuments and indigenous peoples and landscapes that will leave you speechless.

Macchu Picchu

From the Sacred Valley train station in the town of Urubamba, aboard the Sacred Valley 91 train from Peru Rail to Aguas Calientes, to reach one of the most anticipated points of the trip. The Machu Picchu!

The summit that every traveler wants to climb, the place that everyone aspires to be magical, mysterious, attractive, magnetic and spectacular. They say that there the air is cleaner and the gods are much closer to man.


At 1,165 kilometers north of Lima and a stone’s throw south of Ecuador, Mancora is a small town underpinned by surf and good weather.
A surfing enclave unknown enough to be novel, fresh, fascinating, but capable of providing quality services to those who come here.



Originally founded in 1540, the year in which the Arequipa region was built and the last major construction changes of the building date from 1883. The appreciation for its long history combined with the current contemporary nuances make Cirqa, a small private hotel applauded for its amazing architectural interior, partly made of volcanic ashlar rock, and exemplary service of high quality.

Peru, a journey through the land of the Incas

Peru, a journey through the land of the Incas


Titilaka is a modern exploration lodge located on the Peruvian shores of Lake Titicaca. Its remodeled structure, together with its breathtaking views are the basis for unforgettable experiences.

Located on the southeastern shore of Lake Titicaca, away from the usual routes, on a quiet peninsula shared only with the Aymara indigenous community. Surrounded on three sides, by the pristine lake; With four acres of land, Titilaka is the perfect base to explore this virgin corner, in an area recognized for its ethereal beauty and for being home to some of the most traditional communities in Peru.

Peru, a journey through the land of the Incas Peru, a journey through the land of the Incas


Atemporal is an Hotelito in Lima that offers the most demanding guests a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Built as a family home in elegant Lima, this 1940s mansion offers a hideaway from the busy city. Refined as welcoming, its service is only combined with its eclectic aesthetics and its experienced staff that anticipates all guests’ needs.

Peru, a journey through the land of the Incas Peru, a journey through the land of the Incas


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