Los Cabos, a Mexican treasure

Los Cabos, a Mexican treasure


Halfway between the vibrant blue of the sea and the sand of the desert, today we will discover something new, a privileged place where the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of ​​Cortez are located: Welcome to Los Cabos!

This destination represents a corridor of just 40 KM that connect Cabo San Lucas and Cabo San Jose, known as the cities of the desert. On the road that runs you will find beautiful beaches where you can practice any type of water sport such as the Medano or the Chilean. For others, you will have to be satisfied only with its wild beauty, since in many of them it is forbidden to bathe due to strong currents.

Los Cabos, a Mexican treasure Los Cabos, a Mexican treasure

The excess and the defect form the perfect cocktail in this destination: while Cabo San Lucas is fun, Cabo San Jose represents the most bohemian and colonial part. Be it as it may, an essential visit is the famous Arco, a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, and possibly the most visited place of Cabo San Lucas. Beside it, the beach of Love, romantic meeting point between the Pacific Ocean and Sea of ​​Cortez.

For the perfect staycation and relaxing time, we recommend to choose Hotel Las Ventanas al paraíso , one of the most spectacular of the destination.

With all its suites facing the sea, the most special thing about this Mexican hacienda is not seen, it feels, and is that there is nothing comparable to a spectacular sunset or the vibrant sound of the waves of the sea that is heard from any corner Of the resort. Its friendly staff, outdoor spa and delicious cuisine will do the rest. Viva Mexico!

Los Cabos, a Mexican treasure Los Cabos, a Mexican treasure Los Cabos, a Mexican treasure

Also, check out the new Ritz Carlton Reserve: In Los Cabos where the ocean meets the sand, Zadún, a RitzCarlton Reserve shares the history, culture and traditions of Mexico at its 20-acre luxury resort.

Los Cabos, a Mexican treasure
Los Cabos, a Mexican treasure

Highlights: From January to March is the best time for whale watching in the idyllic lagoon of San Ignacio, halfway to the Baja peninsula by the Pacific. Gray whales reach their waters to give birth and feed their offspring. Without doubt, one of the most impressive spectacles of nature.

How to get there: From Mexico City to Los Cabos the flight takes just under 2 hours.


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