Las Vegas: MR CHOW Fine Dining Beijing Restaurant at Caesars Palace

Las Vegas: MR CHOW Fine Dining Beijing Restaurant at Caesars Palace

Las Vegas: MR CHOW Fine Dining Beijing Restaurant at Caesars Palace


Home to the greatest collection of celebrity chefs and restaurants in Las Vegas, Caesars Palace is pleased to announce internationally renowned MR CHOW is now open. The luxurious Beijing cuisine eatery is the first and only location in Las Vegas. Coupling fine dining with a raucous atmosphere, a visit to MR CHOW is sure to be an unforgettable memory.

In China, a meal is a social event meant to be experienced with others. Food is shared in a communal setting. Dishes are served “family style” to ensure all guests get a taste of everything. The principles of Chinese cuisine are entrenched in a theory of harmony, dictating that all facets of the senses are stimulated equally. A balance of tastes, textures, fragrances and colors are presented in a way that enhance and accent the other. To ensure the most enjoyable experience, ordering is traditionally done by a single person, typically the host.



Opened in 2015 in Caesars Palace.  The luxurious Beijing cuisine eatery will transport guests to a glamorous, elegant and electric experience. A favorite among many celebrities, MR CHOW is known for its keen sense of style and design, the Caesars Palace location will feature modern and classic décor highlighted with interesting and one-of-a-kind elements. The new restaurant will feature a suspended centerpiece kinetic sculpture, unlike anything seen in Las Vegas.
“Las Vegas is a contemporary phenomenon, one of the world’s great cities,” said founder Michael Chow. “Las Vegas and MR CHOW have always been a natural fit and we’ve been flirting with Las Vegas for decades. With Caesars Palace, another classic and iconic name, we have finally found a home.”
Led by Beijing Duck, the crown jewel of China, the menu creates a balanced and harmonious experience. The evening will also feature a selection of premium champagne and specialty cocktails made with the freshest ingredients.

The infamous MR CHOW champagne trolley is one of the many shows put on during guests’ dining experience. The Caesars Palace location will have a unique champagne arrival experience at the entrance that will ensure each guest is bubbling with excitement from the very first moment.
MR CHOW seats more than 250 guests including two private rooms and terrace seating.  Guests will enter through a set of private elevators, located on the casino floor level of Caesars Palace. The restaurant will be located on the second story, which will overlook the breathtaking Garden of the Gods Pool Oasis.


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