Hotel Review: ITC Mughal Hotel in Agra by Carmen Caballero

Hotel Review: ITC Mughal Hotel in Agra by Carmen Caballero

Hotel Review: ITC Mughal Hotel in Agra by Carmen Caballero


ITC Mughal Hotel in Agra by Carmen Caballero

Month Visited: January 2018

Type of visit: Couples

Length of stay: 2 nights

Check-in and first impressions:

There is a lot of security at the door. Once we get to the main entrance, the staff will help with your luggage and take it to the reception area. The reception is quite busy, ladies at the reception are a bit slow… usually you would arrive to Agra from a long trip and its the last thing you want. The lobby is nice but very crowded.

Room type and first impressions– size, views, wardrobe, decor, welcome amenities… :

We had a superior room booked for this stay. The rooms was very old, although the bed was very big and bedding was very clean. They will do the room twice a day and staff are very nice. We were first given a room in a low floor and it was very dark and had a horrible dark view, seemed like we were in a garage. We asked for a room change and they told us if we waited for 5 hours we would have a room ready in a high floor with a pool view. Exactly the same room category. We had to take the suitcases ourselves because not even paying they would take them to our new room. We took it. At least the room was better.

Bathroom and amenities:

Bathrooms really need an update and they have shower curtains. I suggest you pick a category of room which guarantees its remodelled.

Wifi connection:

Since you check in it takes about an hour for you to have wifi available. It works at medium speed.

Pool Area:

The pool area was nice although it was closed for winter.


Breakfast is just normal, nothing too good, although the staffs attention is good. The area were you will have breakfast is not the nicest but its just alright.


Good location. You will need a driver anyways for Agra.

What I love the most:

Only the staff at the restaurant were nice.

I don’t really recommend this hotel if you are expecting a real 5 star hotel. The Oberoi Amar Vilas would be the best option to stay in Agra and it is worth the price difference.

Disclosure: I was a guest of this hotel and even though the hotel may have offered complimentary services, my reviews will never be swayed one way or the other. Hope you trust you have received complete truth in each review.