IBIZA… Trendy places for this summer

IBIZA... Trendy places for this summer

IBIZA… Trendy places for this summer


Paris Hilton, Will Smith, Messi, and Kate Moss have already been spotted in this magical island, now it is up to you to stop by the coolest sites on the island: from the hotel were Leonardo di Caprio stayed a few weeks or the store of Mike Jagger’s daughter, to the best places to watch the sunset.

Beach clubs and beach hotels that you must consider:

Sta. Eulalia
ME hotel
On the coast of the island of total relaxation and endless parties, ME is a realm of design and personalised service surrounded by sun, yachts and 360º views of white sand beaches.
Nikki Beach

Located on the East coast of the island in Santa Eulalia, on a magnificent beachfront property overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, Nikki Beach Ibiza opened in 2013 and consists of the brand’s signature beach club, pool, restaurant, octagon bar and lifestyle boutique.

Playa den Bossa

Never stand in line, always enjoy the party from the most exclusive spaces, pamper yourself with a massage and take a DJing master class. Sail the Ibiza coast, find a table at a trendy restaurant and receive special attention during your entire stay. Services and facilities for those who want everything. They will definitely spoil you.


Malibu in Salinas Beach


Invites you to delight your senses, tasting from a traditional Mediterranean cuisine, with dishes as charismatic as our classic, succulent lobster stew, to our most innovative dishes like our tuna tataki with soy sauce and sesame, to enjoy a seductive cocktail at sunset, watching the color range of stain our Mediterranean sky, harmonized by the evocative music of our DJ’s.


Blue Marlin  Cala Jondal 
Day-to-night dining, beach club and music…  On sundays, you can listen to live music, it is ideal if you like to party and the place if very very full of people..
Cotton Beach Club, Beach Cala Tarida
Cala Tarida is a long beach with excellent sports and leisure.

Cotton Beach Club has made Ibiza’s southwest coast the destination du jour for islanders and holidaymakers alike.

Boasting two first class restaurants and outstanding beach service, Cotton Beach Club features jaw-dropping views across the Mediterranean and a sandy beach below, clear of seaweed and rocks.

Decked all in white – 100% cotton of course – with chic furnishings and stylish day beds, Cotton Beach Club is the epitome of white island style.

The Grand Terrace restaurant offers a Mediterranean fusion lunch and à la carte dinner after beach hours, while acclaimed rooftop restaurant FAY reinvents the tingling tastes and full flavours of Oriental cuisines.


For those who love watching the sunsets:

Sunset Ashram , possibly the best sunset in Ibiza

The last paradise lost in Ibiza. They are Nature filled with nature. So it is, everything that can be told about the Sunset Ashram is not enough. You have to come to check it, see it and believe it. Believe in the nature that you represent, what you feel when watching a sunset. It is a fusion of the inner nature and the environment.


Experimental Beach, Cap des Falco, Salinas
Experimental Beach opens its doors onto the beaches of southern Ibiza’s Ses Salinas national reserve bringing a youthful nostalgia mixed with the innocence of summer love to Ibiza.
The places to go at night… “A little party never killed nobody”:
El Lio
Lio is a mixture of restaurant, cabaret ( live performances, contortionists , dancers, actors burlesque, etc. ) and countless staff are continually brightening the view of the public. They manage to create constant throughout the show that nobody leave indifferent feelings .
From a romantic setting, the candlelight , with an enviable view of Dalt Villa and the bay , everything revolves around a huge pool covering and uncovering ranging depending on the show that you get to see, there are shows at all times. But this is not everything … there are party leaders around the restaurant , singers who sing a ballad ear of all customers , waiters dancing with a curious style at any time that music requires and many more surprises …
Heart (Gran Hotel) Ferran Adria
Live dinner experience:
An experience that comes alive through the different areas at Heart. On arrival we will try an aperitif on the Terrace. With wonderful views onto Dalt Vila we will stimulate our appetite, choosing the dishes and wines that we are going to enjoy. Afterwards we will move into Lab where our first class cuisine lives alongside performances, music and a night full of unexpected moments. Gradually, the beat of the evening will rise up so that you can continue to enjoy the night and end the experience by dancing through the famous Ibiza night.
Downtown by Cipriani
On the island of Ibiza, Cipriani Downtown welcomes you to an elegant, sophisticated and refined atmosphere. Both inside and on the outside terrace, you can enjoy great meals in luxurious surroundings. Enjoy!
Sublimotion , the most expesive restaurant in the world

The SUBLIMOTION concept started in 2012, inside the research workshop of spanish Chef PACO RONCERO (2 Michelin stars). In 2014, SUBLIMOTION opens its doors for the first time on the island of Ibiza.

Two years of intense, hard, work along with the cooperation of professionals from different sectors as chefs, designers, engineers, illusionists, set designers, architects, choreographers and screenwriters, achieved the merger of haute cuisine gastronomy and the most breakthrough technology with an unprecedented staging, becoming thus a new stagecraft. This is the first gastronomic show in the world.

SUBLIMOTION has been recognized in the same year of its opening with the award for best innovation FSB at the World Wide Hospitality Awards 2014.

Sublimotion 2015 from Sublimotion on Vimeo.