Hotel Review: Hotel Villa Cora, Florence by Carmen Caballero

Hotel Review: Hotel Villa Cora, Florence by Carmen Caballero

Hotel Review: Hotel Villa Cora, Florence by Carmen Caballero


Hotel Review: Hotel Villa Cora by Carmen Caballero

Month Visited: March 2019

Type of visit: Couples

Length of stay: 4 nights

Check-in and first impressions:

Gorgeous entrance to this luxury villa hotel, the staff are always there to help and welcome guests. Check in is very personalized. They will sit you in the lobby and offer you a coffee or a tea, in separate tables from other guests. Everything was fast and smooth.

Hotel Review: Hotel Villa Cora, Florence by Carmen Caballero

Room type and first impressions– size, views, wardrobe, decor, welcome amenities… :

We booked the classic double room. We had a gorgeous view over Viale Machiavelli to the city of Florence and the hotels garden. The room size was very good for a classic room and the bathroom quite big. Decor is very classic, yet everything was very comfortable, and there was quite a lot of space.

Hotel Review: Hotel Villa Cora, Florence by Carmen Caballero


Bathroom and amenities:

Bathroom was quite big for the size of the room. It was white marble and the shower was huge, lots of space. The heated hotel racks kept our towels warm and we loved that the bathrobes were him with the hotel logo and hers with a rose. And actually the sizes were just perfect for us. Regarding the amenities, they were very high quality, 250 ml and they just smelled SO GOOD. They also made sure we had plenty of them everyday in our room.

Room Service:

The rooms service was alright, cleaning was good and they do change bedsheets everyday and do not have the typical note that you have to place on the bed to do so. Night service came in a little bit late so we were just able to see this once, they do leave a bag of lavender in the pillow and some chocolates…. we ordered dinner every night and it was fantastic, timings were perfect and the food was GREAT. Im finding hard lately to find great food in hotels’ room service but in the case of Villa Cora food was very gourmet.

Wifi connection:

Easy to connect, and worked very well throughout the entire stay.


Breakfast took place in the moorish hall and also other halls of the Villa, depending on the day and the number of guests. We really enjoyed coming down for breakfast, not only the halls are beautiful, but the food was SPECTACULAR and service is there to anticipate what you want… absolutely excellent. I really loved natural pressed juices made for us, Eggs Benedict were AMAZING, and all the variety of homemade breads and pastries made us want to wake up just to come downstairs.

Pet-friendly hotel:

YES. Our pet received her welcome amenities too. A bed, a treat, and a bowl for water…

Hotel Review: Hotel Villa Cora, Florence by Carmen Caballero


The area is Viale Machiavelli, it is about a 25 minute walk from the center of Florence… I must say for spring it is a great walk since the weather is lovely, the road has trees and parks and it is a very nice one if you don’t mind walking…. we started going to the city center with the free shuttle service that the hotel offers its guests… however, the last two days we walked to the city center and we loved it, wish we had done this before… this also brings me to another great thing about this hotel…. the shuttle service works nearly all day long and you must solicit it in advance, in case the shuttle service is not available for hotel guests, they will pay without any problem a taxi for you…. we thought this was a nice gesture. Florence is a very touristic city so it was nice to stay away from the crowds at the end of the day, the hotel had a heated pool so at the end of the day you can relax here or at the spa… which was also fantastic.

What I love the most:

I really enjoyed being at the Villa… it is probably the most beautiful hotel in Florence, with that splendorous hall in the ground floor were we were able to enjoy a nice wine glass once we arrived to the hotel in the afternoon, the villa in simply spectacular. The gourmet restaurant in the Moorish Hall at night, was great, food is another luxury of staying at Villa Cora, the Milanese was probably the best I have ever had. Really enjoyed having the heated pool and that amazing spa, and green areas around to walk our dog. We are much looking forward to welcome our clients to this gem hotel, and we would love to come back during summer seasons to enjoy the rooftop terrace and the summer pool!

Hotel Review: Hotel Villa Cora, Florence by Carmen Caballero

Hotel Review: Hotel Villa Cora, Florence by Carmen Caballero

Disclosure: I was a guest of this hotel and even though the hotel may have offered complimentary services, my reviews will never be swayed one way or the other. Hope you trust you have received complete truth in each review.