Hotel Review: Almar Resort & Spa, Lido di Jesolo, Venice by Carmen Caballero

Hotel Review: Almar Resort & Spa, Lido di Jesolo, Venice by Carmen Caballero

Hotel Review: Almar Resort & Spa, Lido di Jesolo, Venice by Carmen Caballero


Hotel Review: Almar Resort & Spa, Lido di Jesolo, Venice by Carmen Caballero

Month Visited: September 2018

Type of visit: Couples

Length of stay: 4 nights

Check-in and first impressions:

We arrived to Venice Airport, just a short flight from the main European cities. The hotel had arranged a private transfer for us, it was a Mercedes Vito Van, they were right in time and it was very easy to find them at the airport. Once we entered the hotel, I was surprised how modern it was, hotels in Italy tend to be decadent, even the new ones, but at Almar this is not the case. 

Claudia, the PR manager, was waiting for us right at the entrance, staff took the suitcases without us noticing. Our room was not ready so they invited us to breakfast and then let us change to our beach clothes at the Almablu Spa so we went to the beach, after Claudia showed us around the hotel. 

Hotel Review: Almar Resort & Spa, Lido di Jesolo, Venice by Carmen Caballero

Room type and first impressions– size, views, wardrobe, decor, welcome amenities… :

Our room was a Prestige Suite, I really loved the simple and modern decoration, big terrace and very spacious living room and bedroom. Both the living room and the bedroom were completely open to the terrace which had two sunbeds and a table with two chairs. 

From our room, we could see that there were some rooms in the same category which did not have the ceiling of the terrace fully covered, I think this is important to maintain a good temperature in the room and not have direct sunlight come in. We were lucky because we were able to spend a lot of time in our terrace.

The wardrobe was okay size, it was a walk-in closet with just enough space. All the guests who book Prestige Suites, get the same welcome amenity as us. A very nice and soft sparkling wine and home-made Grissinis with extra virgin olive oil and dried tomatoes; also homemade Macarons- I dont really like Macarons but these were special, the chocolate one was to die for. 

TV did not have many channels and many of them were for kids.

Bathroom and amenities:

We had 2 full bathrooms, the one in the bedroom had two sinks and bathtub and a toilet, it was open to the bedroom, you would watch the terrace and TV from the bathtub; whereas the one in the living room had one sink and a very spacious shower.

Amenities were 150ml, a little bigger than the usual which are 80-100ml. This was nice and there were plenty in both bathrooms. The amenities were from Italy, specifically made by a laboratory for Almar hotel. The quality was excellent, I don’t usually use them but here they were so good I just had to. The only ‘but’ to the bathroom amenities is that they did not provide hair conditioner… for me this is essential. I asked they brought to the room two small flasks but I have very long hair and this was not enough, they didn’t have a brand. 

Rooms below the Prestige Suite get while towels and bathrobe, but the Prestige Suite and above receive beige and blue towels, which was something I found  very original.

A video of the room:

Wifi connection:

It was very easy to join and worked very well throughout the property.

Pool Area and Beach:

The hotel has a 70 metres pool with 3 different water temperatures. We did not spend much time at the pool because we were not allowed to be there with Nut, our dog. Anyways, we could see there were some families with kids in the pool and we like to avoid that. So we just spend our time during the day at a pet friendly beach club, called Bau Bau Beach. 

Sometimes, our dog needed a small siesta so we escaped to the Almar Beach area, the service was quite good and since it was mid-september there were not many people in general. We had a good time here. 

Getting to the beach from the hotel is just a short walk away, notice that there are two apartment buildings one in each side of the hotel and right in front, but it is still in the beach. 


It was really really good. One of the things we really enjoyed at this hotel, and a good reason to go back, is the food. It was just so good. Everyone was trying to please us at the restaurant. The Buffett has plenty of options both healthy and for the good eaters. From the buffet I personally really enjoyed the pistachio cake, and chocolate cake. They also had a good ham and cheese selection. Most of what we ordered was ‘a la carte’, the banana pancakes were so good and the eggs benedict (either with salmon or ham) were one of the best we have tried. 

Hotel Review: Almar Resort & Spa, Lido di Jesolo, Venice by Carmen Caballero


For such a big hotel I was surprised that there was only one restaurant and a bar. The restaurant Mediterra was very good, at lunch time we usually had room service, and at night we had dinner in the main restaurant which was by the pool. Although there were not many seats outside so it is always better to book a table. The food at the restaurant or room service, was a great quality. Some of the pastas I would say are a little small in size, but they are so so good.


The hotel is located a 40 minute car journey from Venice Airport. We did not explore the area much, but we did walk a lot along the beach of Lido di Jesolo, which spreads along 15 kilometres. There are not great restaurants outside of the hotel or much to do, but we loved that the hotel provided bikes or an electric car to explore a bit the area. We loved our dinner at a restaurant called Tempini, about a 30 minute walk from the hotel.

Hotel Review: Almar Resort & Spa, Lido di Jesolo, Venice by Carmen Caballero


Its a very nice area for beach walks, relax, and great food. One of the gems of the hotel is the spa. The therapists are great and staff is very profesional. We had a couples massage and we really enjoyed it. Prices are alright about 90-120 euros. They also offer 4 day spa plans and many other treatments since the hotel focuses on wellness. 

See more about a wellness experience at Almar.

Pet friendly:

Yes, the hotel is pet friendly. Dogs are not allowed in the pool, beach or restaurant but they did make us feel very welcomed with her pet friendly kit , and since we had a very nice view from the room we actually preferred to have lunch and dinner here rather than at the restaurant because there were quite a lot of kids, also, we dont like to leave Nut alone a lot of time when we travel. The hotel recommended us a pet friendly beach club called Bau Bau Beach about 200 metres away from the hotel and we spend quite a lot of time here.

What I love the most:

I loved our room and the terrace, made us feel at home. Also the food was something I would totally go back for. All the staff at Almar was always trying to please us, always looking for ways to make us enjoy our stay and adapt it to our needs. They really made us feel very comfortable and we really enjoyed our stay.


Disclosure: I was a guest of this hotel and even though the hotel may have offered complimentary services, my reviews will never be swayed one way or the other. Hope you trust you have received complete truth in each review.