Hanoi, a city of contrasts


Hanoi, a city of contrasts

When we talk about Vietnam, many will remember their past conflicts. , Today however Vietnam has made enormous strides in the right direction , so it has much more to offer. Today we’ll take a walk by its interesting capital Hanoi .

Hanoi. Photo by: Maya-Anaïs Yataghène

Hanoi. Photo by: Maya-Anaïs Yataghène

Vietnam capital Hanoi, is the country’s second largest city and has a heritage of over 1000 years. Only with this, we can imagine how many stories, battles and legends have forged this location. Its architecture is composed of centuries-old buildings, although not all have survived the conflict, preserves a good sample of his past.

Walking the streets of this beautiful and interesting Vietnamese capital, we found a pleasant surprise, the Presidential Palace in Hanoi.

Built by the French and colonial architecture, we were in awe with its beautiful mustard color, its windows, extensive and delicate garden keeps its borders.

This palace has been for many years the official residence. However, keep a very interesting story: when Vietnam won its independence from France, his hero Ho Chi Minh refused to live in this palace because his people were hardships, so he ordered the construction of a modest house in the yard palatial and stayed that. A great lesson in humility!

Photo by: PROAurimas. Presidential Palace, Hanoi

Photo by: PROAurimas Presidential Palace, Hanoi

Continuing our special trip, walking through the city center, we agree with the spectacular imperial city of Thang Long.

This walled location, keep secrets very well and Asian architecture. To enter, you must cross a large doors that lead immediately to medieval times. Inside, there is a striking palace that evokes the best moments of the Chinese empire.

We also visited the military museum of the city, where you can see some of the transport machines that have been used in wars that the country has participated.

To turn away a bit from the bustle of the city of Hanoi, we went to their limits to enjoy the scenery of lakes Tay Ho and Truc Bach.

In addition to the landscape, there was something that caught my attention and was Tran Quoc Pagoda. We were extremely amazed with that structure that are typical of Asian culture.

This narrow but very high -15 meters and 11-story structure has an ancient history, since it was built in the year 545 of our era Wonderful, it has 1500 years! Upon reaching the top, you can see the city of Hanoi at its best, offering a panoramic view. Therefore, it is worth the journey.

Hanoi - Trấn Quốc Pagoda

Hanoi – Trấn Quốc Pagoda

In the old town it was where he began the history of Hanoi, and in the years 1000 emperors began construction of this mystical city. At present, it consists of 36 old streets.

Walking through the old town passages, we feel an incredible air of heritage and culture. For lovers of ancient buildings and architecture, this will be a place of wonder.

Some of the buildings that caught our attention were the tubular houses, which were built in the times of the emperors, who did not allow them to be wide, for this reason, some of the houses are so narrow that they can not pass two people at once weather; this really is something very curious.

Photo by: David McKelvey, Heavy work, Old Quarter, Hanoi

Photo by: David McKelvey Heavy work, Old Quarter, Hanoi

To complete our experience in this beautiful area of Hanoi, we walk through the various craft shops you will surely find something you’re looking for some time and found yourself not anywhere else.

In conclusion, Hanoi capital of Vietnam is a place full of history and culture place worth visiting.

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