Guide to Alternative UK Gap Year Idea

Guide to Alternative UK Gap Year Idea

Guide to Alternative UK Gap Year Idea


Are you thinking about taking a gap year? Go for it!

Taking a gap year provides you with the opportunity for new experiences and skills, which often enhances CVs. This year many students gap year plans have been ruined.

Here are some alternative ideas of what you can do to gain some experience whilst enjoying some luxury fun with style:

Cruise the Scottish Canals

If you are not able to travel abroad, or you would like to do your gap year on a budget, this is a viable option.

You can opt to rent a stylish Scottish narrowboat. They are available to rent at affordable prices. You can navigate between beautiful lochs, go through the Caledonian Canal, and cruise around the Great Glen.

There are ancient castles right on the edge of the water with deep, thick forests and scenic landscapes wherein many of Scotland’s legends took place.

Guide to Alternative UK Gap Year Idea

Conservation Volunteering

The UK has many organizations looking for volunteers to join projects for wildlife and nature conservation. Opportunities may include species surveying, community gardening, GPS mapping, identification of plants, wildlife watch groups, nature clubs, wildlife campaigns, and marine conservation projects.

You can also join a wildlife trust and inspire school children via educational outreach, teach communities to take care of nature, all the while protecting woods, lakes, meadows, hills, and nature reserves.

Conservation Volunteering is good for the body as well as the mind. It is refreshing to be in nature, and the physical demand on the body keeps you fit.

Work and Play in the Big Apple

Have you considered saving money for a luxury holiday? Become a member of staff in a private household in London!

Private households in London provide opportunities for making money. You can opt to become a driver, butler, cook, cleaner, housekeeper, nanny, close protection officer, ladies maids, personal trainer, and many more.

To begin with, one of the top domestic staffing recruitment agencies that supply domestic staff for private residences. Agencies provide a reliable means of getting household jobs. They ensure that candidates gain experience and skill, create networking opportunities, and instill industry knowledge of luxury households.

The benefits of becoming a household staff include accommodation, competitive salaries, and work perks. Part-time roles provide you with time to explore London in your free time.

Character prerequisites to becoming a household staff:

Flexibility – your role will vary, so you will have to adapt quickly to every household you are assigned to

Professionalism – clients look for candidates they can rely on to perform their roles well

Trust – it assures the longevity of your position as well as reliable references

Surf and Turf

Are you a beach bum? Then surf all day for a living. Make your way to Cornwall, where you can train to become an instructor for new surfers. The general prerequisites becoming a surf instructor include:

An intermediate standard of surfing

A valid surf instructor qualification

A current lifesaving qualification

Sturdy equipment

A good quality wetsuit

Being a surf instructor provides a flexible option for making money while you travel. There are many surf schools and camps worldwide. It provides networking opportunities, building professionalism and motivation, and a lot of fun.

Guide to Alternative UK Gap Year Idea