Dress code to face a long distance flight

Dress code to face a long distance flight

Dress code to face a long distance flight


We always face the same dilemma, you never know what clothes to wear for a long distance flight.

Some go in their sport clothes, others are so “prepared” that they seem to go to a wedding, and although there is no established dress code, it is convenient to apply a minimum of logic when planning what clothes to wear for a long distance flight. If you never know what to wear, then we are going to give you some tips so that you do not tweak and you are not uncomfortable.

Keep reading and choose what clothes to wear for a long distance flight without fear of being wrong.

1. Comfort is first
Attention, dressing up like if you were going to a party to spend 8 hours or more seating on a plane has gone out of fashion a many years ago. Do not hesitate, the clothes to wear for a long distance flight must be comfortable, wide and, if possible, a breathable fabric like cotton. It is not about going in your pajamas or losing the glamor that characterizes you, but trying to avoid clothes that are too tight, short skirts that make impossible “strange” positions or ties that drown us.
For the top we recommend loose shirts or thin jumpers. They can be short-sleeved or long-sleeved, although it is best to dress with several layers to regulate the temperature. At the bottom you should forget about jeans or tight pants. They tend to be very tough, so it’s better to opt for baggy pants, long skirts or stretchy leggings.

2. Do not go too loaded
There is nothing more uncomfortable than traveling full of junk and not knowing how and where to place them. Think that there are seats that do not have too much space for the legs or for the body in general and that what you need the least is to reduce it with things that you may not need. Therefore, it is essential that you take the cabin luggage just for the long flight you are going to take. If you have a flight with connections, it would be interesting to take some spear clothes to avoid “disasters” in the case of lost checked baggage.

3. The feet also count
Not less important when it comes to planning what clothes to wear for a long-term flight is footwear. Forget heels, tight shoes and sandals or flip flops. With the first and the second you will be uncomfortable, but with the last you run the risk that your fingers will remain frozen! Wear socks that make you protect yourself from the cold and be comfortable taking off. Also, think that you are likely to have to walk barefoot at the time of passing the airport controls.

4. Go easy
Leave the extravagances for another time and try to go easy when facing a long distance flight. Try to go with the least number of accessories and jewelry possible in your outfit for traveling. Think that you will not be comfortable on the plane and, of course, being overloaded is the worst when it comes to passing the airport security checkpoints. Having to take off all this and then put it back on is tedious and a waste of time.

5. Dark colors disguise
Another of our tips when selecting what clothes to take for a long distance flight is that you choose garments in dark and intense tones. During so many hours of travel it is very likely that accidents can occur that make your clothes stain, so the best thing to disguise is to avoid light colors like white. In any case, if the mishap is large, you could use the change of your hand luggage.

6. Dress the children comfortably
If you are traveling with children, do not underestimate what clothes to take for a long distance flight so that they feel comfortable, since this will make you and the other passengers happier. Make sure they can move easily in their outfit traveler, that they can sleep peacefully and that they are sufficiently warm. In addition, that extra layer of clothing to protect them from the cold if necessary can serve as a pillow if you need an extra.

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