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We create tailor-made campaigns for our travel industry partners to meet their goals and stay prepared for the future of tourism, adapting to their specific needs and strategic objectives with a careful selection of associated companies based on quality experience and high involvement.
We are experts in luxury travel industry consultancy, sales, social media, business strategies, and PR.

Our Mission

As travel consultants, we analyze the context of your company and situation you are going through and we propose the best measures to reinvent your business and evolve. We aim to minimize the impact of this crisis in your company.

Our core values

We know your client

We have an extensive experience in the design of bespoke luxury travel experiences and direct contact with potential clients.

Quick Metodologhy

From the moment we start working we only need 10 days to study your companie’s objectives and start working.

Strategic Vision

Continued study of the evolution of luxury travel due to the effects of the pandemic: no one can predict the future but it is essential you prepare for it!


Our experience tells us that although you are not able to sell rooms and services, you are able to prepare for the future and develop a better version of what you have.
We are sure clients now and more than ever are learning how to travel better and we want you to be in their bucketlist when the pandemic is over.
We ensure quality of service and innovation through our contacts in the luxury travel industry and we stay constantly up to date with the trends and latest news.

Ensuring the Business continuity is a key – WTCC

Crisis considerations

Your client is online

More! Than! Ever! 79hrs/week, 47% of the week online. The obligation to stay at home has considerably increased the use of the internet.
Therefore, a correct digital presence is mandatory to reach them.

Today's Data = Tomorrow's Conversion

This is a great opportunity to generate more high net worth leads that will convert to direct sales and bookings tomorrow. Optimize your sales funnel strategy for these times.


Coronavirus may have paused your reservations, but you should not stop working on your brand. Your company has a mission beyond invoicing: it completes clients’ needs in a unique way. Tell this to your buyers..

Agility & Flexibility

This helps you capitalize on changing market dynamics. See further: act short, thinking long.


Is adaptation to the crisis a reinvention process for your business?


Are we really waiting for a return to normal or are we ready to build something different?

The “new normal”

Digital Presence

Digital presence and marketing plays a key role as we can add value and impact clients. Bring your brand closer to users and pave the way to make bookings as easy as possible.

Travel Safe

New measures and changes in policies of your business must be communicated. Transmitting help and security, trust and flexibility is essential.

Value and solutions

A strategy focused on your clients is now more important than ever. As a brand, you must think how you can help them, what value you can bring them in
this situation, in order to be able to connect.

Brand Purpose

Data indicates that efforts will focus on reinforcing the communication of the brand purpose rather than aggressive recruitment strategies.


Our all-in-one solutions for our luxury travel industry partners to prepare for the future

Digital marketing

Hotels must be able offer a quality experience in their website, social media pages, email marketing campaigs and monitoring the results.


Maintaining the recall in potential clients minds is essential. Your brand safety and image is our priority.

PR & Communications

Rebuild your reputation. Allow us to make your business visible enough through PR strategies and target new markets.

3 steps to success

Strategic Methodology and Agile Marketing



We listen to you and create a tailormade proposal to your needs, business objectives and budget.



Based in the need of your company after studying the best options, we elaborate a proposal for your review.


Plan & Set Up

Once the proposal is accepted, we will request you all the necessary information to start working.

Meet the team

CEO of EXOTIK TRAVELER Luxury Travel Designer

Carmen Caballero

I am the founder and luxury travel consultant behind Exotik Traveler, a luxury travel design and consultancy firm which creates unique experiences for luxury travelers, tailored to their needs.
Globally-based in Madrid, Spain, and about 7 years of hard work developing my company, I have worldwide loyal clients and I’m grateful to have a growing clientele that proudly recommends my services and repeat.
Through my experience in the luxury travel industry and passion for it, I want to help hotels and travel industry companies overcome and minimize the impact of the pandemic crisis; knowing exactly what the clients want is essential to be successful and exceed yours and their expectations.
I have traveled notably, and currently continue my way with over 410 luxury hotels and over 42 countries. Also, I continue to follow my passion which is to travel, help my clients and help travel businesses. My personal experience has taught me how to grow clientele in social media, conscious of how important brand image and first impression are in social media channels.

Project Manager Marketing & Communication Strategist

Leticia Osorio

Graduated in Business Administration and Management and specialized in Marketing and Digital Communication, I have carried out administrative, financial and accounting management tasks in different companies, currently focusing my professional work on strategic business management and projects, accompanying them from the definition to implementation of marketing and communication strategic plans.
I am part of the Strategic Marketing Agency El Despacho de Kotler in Madrid as Account, Project & Operations manager, and of the sports marketing and sponsorship project PLAYGRANDE managing the VIP Hospitality & Logistics services of our client and managing the relationship of brands and companies in the Luxury and Lifestyle sector with potential profiles of prescribers and ambassadors such as elite athletes and celebrities.
Likewise, I am the founder and director of EDDK Magazine, an exclusive media content on all areas of the Premium Lifestyle in Ibiza, Madrid and Marbella. An ambitious project which is giving me many knowledge, and contacts in this field.
Moreover, I´m a partner in other emerging digital projects in which I coordinate PR and New Business campaigns and actions.

Let’s start working!


Phone Numbers
Carmen: +34 638 517 735
Leticia: +34 652 177 915

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Office Address
Calle Serrano 114, Madrid


American Express Payments at no additional cost

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EXOTIKTRAVELER® offers American Express payments with no additional charge. You will be able to pay for your bespoke luxury trip by Exotiktraveler® at no additional cost and benefit from your card.

As a client of EXOTIKTRAVELER®, you will be a part of a trusted travel agent with instant credibility, and we offer you, as a client, exclusive benefits such as VIP Amenities, upgrades, hotel credits and more.

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