Best destinations to travel Fall 2018

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Best destinations to travel Fall 2018


Let your holidays never end! Your Autumn holidays are just around the corner. They are a unique opportunity to discover distant or nearby paradises. Go, run, get on the road and discover the best destinations to travel this fall.

Peru: Machu Picchu awaits you to ascend and give you some of the best views you have ever seen in your life. Keep discovering the magic walking on the Inca roads, entering the web of streets of Cuzco and Lima, or exploring the Amazon jungle without limits.

Kyrgyzstan: sleeps in a yurt and lives with nomadic peoples. It is the best time of year to travel to Central Asia and meet in person places as impressive as the Tians Shans Mountains or better known as ” the celestial mountains ” by the Mongolian people.

Jordan: a journey that makes up a whole personal retrospective stepping on ancient ruins and being the protagonist of an incomparable scenario: history. Petra, the Dead Sea or the holy land itself are waiting for you to love you.

Uganda: a green country wherever you look, overflowing with corners of peace and places where you’ll want to build a house for yourself. Our local agents will take you to know the most authentic of the country, from the local tribes of the Kidepo Valley to the Queen Elisabeth National Park with its extensive colony of chimpanzees.

What about a little bit of sun? Do you miss it?

That has an easy solution, there are hundreds of paradisiacal beaches waiting for you with turquoise waters and cocktail included. Discover our beach destinations in the fall that take your breath away.

Egypt: meander the Nile aboard a cruise from Luxor to Assuan, from the pyramids of Cairo to the Valley of the Kings. A trip that certainly must be done at least once in a lifetime.

Hawaii: since we’re going to the beach, let’s do it right! Welcome to a world of volcanic lands, the paradise of surfers and lovers of fine weather, the fine white sand and … a turquoise sea.

Indonesia: Bali, Java or Sumatra. Each of them is more special than the previous one. Some islands that given everything they hide, deserve everything to know them to measure.

Feeling like a city escape in Europe?

While the forests are dressed in beautiful colors, European cities follow fashion by adorning their streets with carpets of leaves. If you do not know what to do in the autumn holidays, it’s time to get away for those countries you’re so eager to see. It is a great time to visit great European capitals. The rivers that cross a lot of them create a unique environment, and the sunsets from their bridges return peace to these cities. You can get lost in the vineyards of Chianti on a walk through Tuscany, take a relaxing bath in the hot springs of Budapest or head north and land in Scotland. Here you will get fresh air, you will travel the infinite green fields of the Highlands, and you will discover the aroma of the rain contemplating the mysterious Loch Ness.