Best and Worst Drinks to Order on an Airplane by: Alexander Deutsch

Best and Worst Drinks to Order on an Airplane by: Alexander Deutsch

Best and Worst Drinks to Order on an Airplane by: Alexander Deutsch


A big trip often calls for a toast and why wait until you arrive at your destination when you could have a drink inflight?

The Best Drinks to Order

If value is your top priority, often inquire about the wine. Thus, if the wine is from a big bottle rather than a split, it’s probably decent wine, and the flight attendant will probably fill your cup all the way up.

Airlines like to keep it simple when it comes to cocktails. The best cocktail is two ingredients, spirit and mixer drinks. When it comes to cocktails, the classics are always best. While you can order a well version of most basic liquor-and-mixer combinations, juices won’t be fresh, so it’s better to order something with soda or tonic. If you are looking for a very stiff drink then aim for drinks with the highest alcohol content like whiskey. Whiskey tastes delicious without ice, making it an ideal choice.

The Bloody Mary is the worst possible drink to order in the air, thanks to its laundry list of ingredients. However, at 30,000 feet umami flavors are heightened in a pressurized cabin whereas sweet flavors are dulled. As a result, that tomato juice tastes so darn good!

Drinks to Avoid

Champagne and sparkling wine will taste different at a higher altitude. The alcohol content is lower than in many other options, and you’re likely to drink it faster. Plus, your palate is dulled in the air, so you’re not going to fully appreciate it.

The sweet part of your palate is significantly dulled in a pressurized cabin, which may make things taste “off.” That means, avoid screwdrivers (vodka and orange juice), vodka cranberries, and just about anything else that calls for juice. Also, avoid coffee on airplanes due to poor quality of water and the coffee beans itself.

Written by: Alexander Deutsch
Instagram: @thetravelsavant

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