Arrive in style at a private terminal at the Los Angeles International Airport

Arrive in style at a private terminal at the Los Angeles International Airport


Arrive in style at a private terminal at the Los Angeles International Airport

Images courtesy of The Private Suite at LAX 

The Private Suite at LAX is a new and shiny private terminal located in an exclusive location. It is undoubtedly the most unique and luxurious way to travel, the terminal is the first of its kind in the United States, offering its members facilities to travel without parallel including transfer in a luxury vehicle directly to the runway.

  • Remote Private Terminal
  • Private TSA review room and arrival of Customs
  • Transfers between the suite and aircraft in BMW 7-series
  • The first of its kind in the US
  • No waiting lines, no paparazzi and baggage handling
  • Total of 12 private suites and 1 shared lounge

Completely private suites, each with its own bathroom, food service, bed to rest during the day and view of the slopes.

They can book massage service, nail repair, hair stylist and makeup without additional charge.

Each private suite has a bathroom, assorted refrigerator, and organic and specialized snacks for all tastes and profiles. You can request food service. And practically everything you may have forgotten without extra charge: hearing aids, electronic chargers, even clothes and accessories, umbrellas and raincoats.

The Private Suite at LAX redefines the airport experience for users of this exclusive new service. Now opens a second Private Suite in Westfield Century City with a new level of access to luxury and logistics like never before seen.

In the LAX Private Suite, members arrive at the airport through a private gate and are transported by the airstrip directly to their commercial flights. The Private Suite in Century City in the same way offers the ultimate in luxury and convenience. Members enter Westfield via a special ramp in the underground parking lot and from there they are taken to their suite. The suite has its own private elevator giving members direct access to theaters, restaurants and more than 200 boutiques to experience the Westfield Century City.

The Private Suite is available to the general public, however members receive preferential rates and many additional benefits. The Private Suite service in Westfield Century City is available to members for USD $ 750 and covers the member and up to 5 guests (the regular rate is USD $ 1500 for non-members).

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