5 villages you must visit in Lake Como

5 villages you must visit in Lake Como

5 villages you must visit in Lake Como


Luxurious and elegant villas and hotels, beautiful villages at the foot of large alpine mountains and places that fall in love. This is Lake Como and today we will share with you the best villages to visit around the lake.

Lake Como is a dream destination in northern Italy. The idyllic place to enjoy the connection between the creation of man and nature with Italian style. ‘La Dolce Vita‘.

It is one of the largest lakes in Italy, the third after Lago di Garda and Lake Maggiore. An aristocratic paradise that has attracted personalities such as Leonardo Da Vinci, Napoleon Bonaparte or Giuseppe Verdi.

1- Tremezzo

Tremezzo is pure elegance and glamour. You will enjoy a beautiful walk with large balconies on the edge of the lake.

Among the most beautiful villas, the famous Villa Carlotta stands out. Today converted into an essential stop for tourists for its beautiful gardens. It is also worth staying at the gorgeous and emblematic Grand Hotel Tremezzo.

5 villages you must visit in Lake Como


One of the most famous villages of Lake di Como. And it is not surprising. Quite larger than the previous mentioned, it also has an extensive walk along the edge of the lake to continue marveling at the panoramic views.

Entering into its small historic center, everything is life and color. Life is put by small businesses and the busy coming and going of the locals. The color is printed on the beautiful facades that surround the piazza de Giussepe Garibaldi and all its pedestrian surroundings.

5 villages you must visit in Lake Como

3- Brienno

Images speak for themselved when it comes to Brienno.

A set of houses literally hanging over the lake will impress you as soon as you arrive. Brienno distills pure elegance.

You should spend some time visiting this village, and get lost in its pedestrian streets that die directly on the lake and fall in love with the views of the church of Saints Nazario and Celso. It is a fairytale town.

5 villages you must visit in Lake Como

4- Bellaggio 

Beautiful pastel-colored houses that look eternally at the lake and steep streets that transport us to the heart of downtown Bellagio. These are some of the pictures that you will find in another of the most beautiful villages of Lake Como and also one of the most emblematic.

5 villages you must visit in Lake Como

5- Varenna

Also beautiful viewed from a boat in the lake. A small fishing village today coveted by every tourist that reaches the lake. As always, I recommend you to walk every cobbled alley in the historic center. Steep streets that end hopelessly in the water.

A walk through Varenna should also take you to the jetty area to enjoy some of the most beautiful corners of the place. Several shops and restaurants give a charming touch to a walk that continues to offer us postcard images on the banks of the lake.

5 villages you must visit in Lake Como