4 examples of sustainable luxury hotels

4 examples of sustainable luxury hotels


Much is said about sustainability. This is associated with talking about ecological standards and conservation of the environment. But polar bears are not the only animals that matter. Some leaders in the luxury travel industry do more than hiring good customer service. These five lodges and businesses have worked hard to offer guests a meaningful cultural experience and to have a significant impact on the well-being of their neighbours without forgetting their traditional way of life.

NIHIWATU (Indonesia): Chris Burch says that the mission of Sumba Island he bought in 2012 is “to locate Nihiwatu among one of the best complexes in the world, an example of a sustainable operation in harmony with the environment and the people of Sumba “. Along with the employment of about 400 people from nearby villages, it was founded by the original owners 15 years ago, one of the pillars of what has to do with Nihiwatu. Every few days, the complex organizes tours to see the projects of the Nihiwatu foundation and encourages all guests to participate. Over the past 14 years, the foundation has established more than 15 elementary schools, built 48 wells and 5 medical clinics, supplying 172 communities with clean water.

4 examples of sustainable luxury hotels

NIMMO BAY WILDERNESS RESORT (British Columbia): This resort is spectacular and the family that runs it has focused on sustainability since its inception in 1982, long before eco-friendliness was in vogue. Along with the hydroelectric power system and the procurement of fishery products in an ethical manner, they have also strived to develop a positive and permanent relationship with nearby peoples for cultural travel. They began their initiative Wil’a’mola (“we all traveled together”) 10 years ago to treat the First Nations culture, guides and experiences for all its guests. Now they are working with the younger generations of First Nations to help build sustainable tourism businesses such as Sea Wolf Adventures, which offers resort guests an intimate cultural experience with songs and ceremonies inspired by the traditional stories of the Kwakwaka. The directors of Sea Wolf and Nimmo were also pioneers in a policy against bear hunting.

4 examples of sustainable luxury hotels

MICATO SAFARI: For more than 25 years this luxury Safaris power plant has been funding the non-profit Micato-AmericaShare Foundation, which provides education and other tools for sustainable living to the residents of Mukuru, one of the largest neighborhoods from Nairobi. Their “One for One” commitment guarantees that, for every safari sold, the company pays the cost of sending a child to school and encourages guests to fund sponsorships for orphaned children. A graduate of this program is now the librarian at the Micato-AmericaShare community center in Mukuru. In the Masai land, Micato developed an alliance with the people and established a direct deposit banking system to ensure that all proceeds go directly to the people’s initiatives.
4 examples of sustainable luxury hotels

ASYLIA AFRICA: Its name comes from Swahili and from the beginning, in 2004, its founders have emphasized building meaningful and mutually beneficial relationships with the communities surrounding their camps and shelters in Kenya and Tanzania. The excess of tourism in the Masai land revolves around “cultural bomas”. “We do not want the village men to dance unless it’s time to dance,” says Pietro Luraschi, who now oversees the training of guides and development activities in all Tanzanian Asilia operations and serves as a sort of cultural ambassador for villages Around the fields.

4 examples of sustainable luxury hotels



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