[Private islands]: Exclusive hideouts- where do celebrities vacation?

[Private islands]: Exclusive hideouts- where do celebrities vacation?

[Private islands]: Exclusive hideouts- where do celebrities vacation?


In the filming of Rebellion on board, Marlon Brando became infatuated, in addition to becoming his third wife, Polynesian attitius Tetiaroa, which the local government finally ceded for 99 years and in which they have already opened The Brando, an eco-hotel for Hollywood actors and actresses. Another of the most famous private islands of all time is the one that acquired the Greek shipbuilder Aristotle Onassis, Skorpios, who even celebrated his wedding with Jacqueline Kennedy in the year 1968. It was at about that time when to become the owner and lord of an entire island was consolidated as a status symbol for rich and / or famous of all conditions. Since then, from time to time media reports have collected news of this kind of eccentricities, such as when the wizard David Copperfield became the owner of eleven islands in the archipelago of the Bahamas or when last year the co-founder of Microsoft was forced To cut by almost half the price he asked for his island off the coast of Washington, where he hung the poster for a sell for a whopping $ 13.5 million.

Celebrity Business

Half anonymous entrepreneurs and celebrities from this world like Johnny Depp, Eddie Murphy, Uma Thurman or Mel Gibson are among those who can boast a piece of paradise for their exclusive use and enjoyment, although some agree to share it with those who can afford The expense. And is that although owning an island for one is an expensive fantasy that few dare to dream, rent it is usually also exorbitant, but less. This is the case of Necker Island, the little island that tycoon Richard Branson acquired in the British Virgin Islands in the 70s and for which they have since marched from rockers and royal families to perfect strangers with, Yes, the kidney is well covered. Because this stylish Caribbean retreat accommodates up to 28 guests, it can be rented for $ 47,500 per night, although on occasion its Balinese air villas also individually offer couples willing to share their 30 hectares with other lucky ones.

[Private islands]: Exclusive hideouts- where do celebrities vacation?

Necker Island

Just as prohibitive is the one that Copperfield places at the disposal of anyone who can afford a stay at Musha Cay, in the Bahamas, with an army of thirty assistants ready to realize the last desire of the twenty guests who Can get to bed. Donna Karan has been one of the last celebrities to join the business. In 2008, the New York-based designer opened the Sanctuary with two minimalist-style villas on the private island of Parrot Cay in the Caribbean island of Turks & Caicos, Have free access to the facilities and services of the Parrot Cay Resort. It has 58 rooms in bungalows scattered around the garden or the beach and with hedonistic excesses like the Como Shambala Retreat, awarded as one of the best Spas in the world, with yoga and pilates pavilions, relaxation classes and the favorite treatments of the many stars that from time to time are dropped by the complex.

Maldives, Fiji, Seychelles and French Polynesia

The smallest of the hundred islands dedicated to tourism in the Maldives archipelago  could also be considered private or almost, since in each there is no more – or less! – than a hotel … No villages, no restaurants, no service whatsoever that does not depend on the only hotel located in each one and that, obviously, the fewer rooms added, the greater the feeling of having the island for itself. Something not unlike in the Fiji archipelago, where several hotels, such as the celebrity magnet Wakaya Club & Spa, settle on private islands as well as, for example, the privately owned Denis Island in the Seychelles, where occupants of their 25 villas will only share their palm groves and beaches with turtles and seabirds that churn through this corner of the Indian Ocean. Or in French Polynesia, the Kia Ora Sauvage, where those who do not settle for accommodation in the main hotel of the coral atoll of Rangiroa can opt for the five bungalows of an island still more isolated and solitary in the to forget the world without giving up the least luxury.

[Private islands]: Exclusive hideouts- where do celebrities vacation?

Vladi Private Islands

But if you want to have a whole island for you, then the best thing is to dive deep into the catalogs of Vladi Private Islands, where in addition to islands for sale are available Hundreds of rental islands. Of course, some – for the most part – within the reach of very few, but others also of the most affordable and even Spartan, where it is possible to live an experience in the purest style Robinson Crusoe or Hollywood star.

[Private islands]: Exclusive hideouts- where do celebrities vacation?

Vladi Private Islands

Hotels: Total privacy

There is probably no island-buying and selling company, such as Vladi Private Islands, settled in Germany for almost four decades and with the most surprising and varied offer for Fulfill the dream of those who want to have a corner of paradise for themselves, to share with a group of family or friends and even to hold a unique event such as a wedding or an incentive at the highest level. Its hundreds of options are spread across all continents and not all, although most, have exorbitant prices.

In Spain they include from the island of Tagomago – next to Ibiza, which can accommodate up to ten people between 100,000 and 250,000 € per week with all meals and services included in the price – to the island of Burguillo, in a reservoir of the Sierra Of Gredos, with a castle in its interior that has rooms for ten people and that is rented for 500 € per day or for 2,800 € a week.

Of course they also have some as prohibitive as those mentioned in Branson or Copperfield or something less, although all with premier facilities, chefs at disposal and absolute privacy, such as Motu Tetaraire, on the Polynesian atoll of Rangiroa, with a villa for six adults or Ten people if there were also children, which is rented for $ 3,000 a day; Bonefish Cay in the Bahamas, with a capacity for only 14 guests, from € 50,000 a week, to such unusual options as Île de Costaérès, a castle perched on a small French island of Brittany that can be one for about € 15,000 week. But there are also as affordable as Namenalala Island, Fiji, which costs $ 200 per day and with full board included; Little Tupper Lake in Canada, a farm that can accommodate up to eight people that is rented in its entirety for about € 230 a day, or Trinity Island, Ireland, with a three-room lodge immersed in the woods that is rented from From € 1,300 a week.

[Private islands]: Exclusive hideouts- where do celebrities vacation?

Bonefish Cay, Bahamas

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