10 exotic destinations you have to discover in 2019, recommended by our travelers

10 exotic destinations you have to discover in 2019, recommended by our travelers


If you are one of those who enjoy planning a vacation well in advance, there are 10 wonderful destinations for 2019.

A new year is always full of opportunities, challenges and trips. Big trips, small trips, planned trips, dream trips. But, what are the best destinations to travel in 2019?

We have asked our clients what are the countries they have in the bucketlist for 2019 and here goes the ‘top 10’ of the destinations to which to travel in 2019 selected.

We wish you a happy New Year. A new year full of health, love and travel. And of course, Many trips. Where are we going next?

1. Iceland

Northern lights, movie roads, XXL waterfalls, wild spas, free camping, diving in a fault … For the adventurers and nature lovers! Is this finally the year you visit Iceland? I hope so.

2. Canada

If you are looking for a wild nature destination, Canada is also a great option. Forests, snows, lakes and a lot of wild fauna. Peace and tranquility, an adventure for those who want to explore.

3. Japan

Once again, the empire of the rising sun, of the ‘sushi’, of technology, of Goku and Hello Kitty, once again sneaks into the list of desired vacations for many. Is it time for you to prepare your trip to such emblematic places as Tokyo, Nara or Hiroshima?

4. Tahiti

If you want to travel to paradise in 2019, aim here: French Polynesia- Tahiti. We are already seeing it: a hammock, a palm tree, a piña colada and, the sound of the sea. Between the feet, the fine sand of a postcard beach. Can there be a more ideal place to enjoy and disconnect? Give yourself a treat and this 2019 make a trip like this.

5. Australia

Or maybe you prefer to see koalas and kangaroos? The exotic Australia is also one of the 10 destinations to travel in 2019. Beaches, deserts, big cities, dream islands … Australia is a huge country that is almost a continent in itself, a place full of secrets to discover , at least once in a lifetime.

6. Peru

How long have you been saying: I want to know Machu Pichu? Do not wait any longer. A country that, in addition to the famous ruins, has much to visit, to enjoy and to taste! If it is not now, when will it be?

7. Vietnam

Southeast Asia. Vietnam begins to be a recurring destination to travel in 2019, in any year and at any time. Let’s start planning and soon you’ll be enjoying a helicopter ride above the Halong Bay.

8. Maldives

If for you this year is the year to travel to paradises, Maldives is always a good idea. An ideal destination for the 2019 holidays if you are looking for crystal clear waters and dream luxury resorts. An idyllic place where there is more to be done than meets the eye.

9. Spain

Or, better, why not take the opportunity to travel to Spain? Our country is full of charming places, towns with history, monuments and landscapes declared World Heritage by Unesco. Not to mention the Spanish gastronomy….

10. Argentina

If you want to travel in 2019 for real, Argentina is the place. A huge country that does not usually do justice to the maps it has so much to see and do. Whether you want to enjoy the southern glaciers or learn to dance tango in Buenos Aires, lets start booking your plane tickets!

Where are you off to next?

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