When harnessed effectively, AI can enable businesses and freelancers to generate thousands of dollars each month with surprisingly low operational costs. We’ve collaborated to compile some of the best strategies for monetizing AI using top-tier AI-powered tools. We have curated legitimate business and side gig opportunities for you to explore.

Let’s be clear—there isn’t an AI tool that automatically deposits money into your account. Yet, AI excels at improving the productivity of experienced individuals. Therefore, when seeking ways to earn money using AI, focus on applications that save time, sharpen your skills, reduce costs, and unlock new possibilities.

We’ve gathered ideas that can help you earn money with AI. Each requires access to an AI tool and some strategic thinking but remains accessible to anyone aiming to make honest money online with AI. Even if these ideas don’t lead to a new business or side hustle, they can boost your productivity by teaching you how to use AI effectively.

Freelance Writing with AI

One promising way freelance writers earn money online is through ghostwriting and freelancing. With the proliferation of blogs on business websites, there’s an increasing demand for skilled writers who can produce high-quality content for brands. Many professionals scour LinkedIn and platforms like Fiverr or UpWork to find reliable writers who can help them stand out in crowded niches. That’s where you come in.

Freelance writing is one of the oldest avenues for making money online, with a shallow barrier to entry and virtually no startup costs. Integrating AI into your writing process is the latest opportunity to boost content efficiency and research quality.

AI content writers can assist with social media posts and long-form blog reports. However, relying solely on AI to generate 100% of your client content can backfire, damaging your reputation and losing clients. When used intelligently, AI can enhance various stages of the writing process, opening up a planet of lucrative options for content creators and digital marketers. Businesses are always looking for fresh, engaging content to improve their search engine rankings, captivate their audience, and establish authority in their industry. You could be the key to unlocking this potential for businesses.


Copywriting with AI

Copywriting is a high-pressure niche that can be lucrative. While AI can lend a hand, mastering the craft still requires specific skills. Fortunately, these skills can be learned, and AI can enhance your efforts.

As demand grows for engaging newsletters and persuasive landing pages, freelancers who leverage AI can deliver results that drive revenue growth. Additionally, honing the art of cold emailing with AI support can unlock lucrative business opportunities. As businesses increasingly emphasize personalized communication strategies, skilled copywriters with AI expertise are ideally positioned to meet these needs.

Whether as a full-time career or a side gig, copywriting and content writing offer rewarding opportunities. You can earn money writing online by continually improving your skills, using AI smartly, and being easy to work with. For an added advantage, consider using an AI article rewriter to refine your content and save time.

Offer Writing Services with AI Writing Tools

Content innovation is the cornerstone of digital marketing. Traditionally, it’s a process that demands considerable time and creative energy, encompassing brainstorming, researching, drafting, editing, publishing, and analyzing results. Depending on the topic’s complexity and the campaign’s scope, this process can take hours, days, or even quarters.

Content creation was among the first areas in which AI was widely adopted in business. Tools like ChatGPT and Jasper AI emerged early in the AI hype wave and have remained famous for generating content on almost any topic. While AI writing tools have limitations, there remains substantial potential for those who master these technologies to accelerate content creation significantly.