How much would you love to design your own boutique hotel?

How much would you love to design your own boutique hotel?

How much would you love to design your own boutique hotel?


We have only 3 months to finish 2017 and I’m still talking about trends in the hotel/travel sector… Today I choose boutique hotels, the latest discovery of the luxury sector. This concept born in the mid-80’s by Ian Schrager and his partner Steve Rubell, in the heart of “the city of skyscrapers”, and has made a gap every year in terms of trends in the hotel industry since 2013.

Boutique hotels are like the little brothers of the big luxury hotels; They may also be called “charming hotels”, and, for the lovers of small and independant hotels, Amberlair is a new concept of boutique hotel where guests are involved from day one. Marcus & Kristin, the founders of Amberlair, traveled and explored to an extend that gave them a new perspective and discovered that the best experiences were brought on by staying in smaller, independent hotels. With this experience, they decided crowdfunding and crowdsourcing were the perfect way for this project to be unique and special, it would be a project ”for the customers and by the customers”. 

Kristin and Marcus, founders of Amberlair. Photo credit to Amberlair Team.

Here is the perfect chance if you would like to collaborate in the first crowdsourced boutique hotel: IndieGOGO Amberlair CampaignAmberlair has a revolutionary approach to set up boutique hotels around the world. Through innovative use of crowdsourcing and social media, Amberlair brings together the global travel community of #boholovers, meaning ‘boutique hotel lovers’, and lets them have a say even before the hotels are built. ”Create an audience first, let our future guests have a say, and then comes the hotel”- this is what makes Amberlair so special. #boholovers are involved both creatively and financially.

In case you are wondering if any decision has been made already about the first Amberlair property… the answer is YES! Location has already been decided: Amberlair team are going to develop a historic villa in Puglia, Italy, and we are all going to turn it into the perfect boutique hotel! Amberlair’s aim is to create longlasting relationships with guests and involve them with the brand putting their hearts in this project.

First Amberlair property in Puglia. Photo credit to Amberlair Team.

At Amberlair, they are interested in your opinion and ideas. Amberlair team will run various contests and brainstorming exercises where backers have the chance to submit your ideas and to vote on your favorite ones. These are some of the questions you might be asked:

  • what does the perfect bathroom look like?
  • how shall the perfect bedroom be designed?
  • what kind of room service do you prefer?
  • what would you like to eat in the restaurant?
  • what would be the perfect amenities?
  • what kind of activities would you prefer? Would it be cooking classes with nona, a series of sports activities (yoga, biking, etc.) or nothing at all?
  • what should we do with the old birdhouse located in front of the villa?

More information on the first Amberlair property in Puglia (to be opened in 2020).

Travelers today are looking for authentic experiences, and Puglia is a region renowned for its authenticity and continues to be a destination in high demand with the discerning traveler segment.

Puglia is remotely located between two seas – the Ionian and the Adriatic, and it is within easy reach of beaches, UNESCO world heritage sites and international airports (Bari and Brindisi).

In Puglia, the Amberlair team will be renovating historical buildings set within the plot— each offering a different room style— to create the first luxury boutique hotel in the region and give guests an experience they won’t find anywhere else.

Puglia. Photo credit to Amberlair Team.

Puglia. Photo credit to Amberlair Team.

The current project allows for 60 rooms: 30 rooms in the historical villa, 10 rooms in a unique farmhouse building situated amidst olive groves and vineyards, 10 cave or spa rooms and 10 luxury tents.

If you would like to participate in the first crowdfunding campaign for Amberlair, please check out this link, all opinions count and they will much appreciate input and involvement:

Amberlair tower. Photo credit to Amberlair Team.

Amberlair Villa. Photo credit to Amberlair Team.

Amberlair villa. Photo credit to Amberlair Team.

Amberlair wedding chapel. Photo credit to Amberlair Team.

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