7 excellent reasons to visit Hawaii

7 excellent reasons to visit Hawaii

7 excellent reasons to visit Hawaii


Between crystal clear waters, lush vegetation and towering volcanoes, the islands of Hawaii have romantic proposals of sun and beach, adventure tourism and guided tours to historic sites such as Pearl Harbor. In this article, we tell you eight reasons why you should go.


1. Waikiki, tourism classic (Oahu). From “aloha” clothes and sunset drinks to catamaran trips or trips on the Atlantis submarine to see ships and sunken planes, among gigantic coral and colorful fish. Waikiki synthesizes everything that Oahu Island has to offer.

Very lively, with shopping centers and nightlife, Waikiki combines urban pleasures and relaxation with Hawaiian airs. There are high-end hotels, places of the Paseo de Playa to taste typical flavors and a variety of international restaurants (do not forget that this used to be the place of recreation of royalty).

2. Surf in North Coast (Oahu). With more than 11 km of beaches that appear in many television programs and films, the North Coast attracts the best surfers in the world for offering waves of up to 9 meters (especially in the northern winter). From May to September, when the waves come down, it is the ideal time to start surfing, swimming and snorkeling. And to alternate the rest to the sun on the beach with the typical iced ice of different flavors that serve in Hale’iwa.

Surfing at Four Seasons Oahu

3. Le’ahí, a natural ribbon (Oahu). The trail leading to Leahi (Diamond Head) is much more imposing than a treadmill session set up for a slope, starting with the natural beauty of Oahu at the top of the trail, with a panoramic view that extends along the south coast of the island. It is important to bring shoes, water and sunscreen to make this walk to climb the volcanic cone of 230 meters (do not worry, it is extinct), which adds 2.5 kilometers, between round trip. The doors open at 6 a.m. and they close at 6 p.m., when visitors must already be outside the park.

4. Pearl Harbor (Oahu). The island of Oahu not only has local history but also national and international. The National Historic Site is remembered here, with a monument reminiscent of the attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941, leaving thousands dead and injured, and leading the United States to participate in World War II. Pearl Harbor is also the base of the United States Pacific Fleet, the largest naval command in the world.

5. Coast of Napali (Kauai). Of the entire set of Hawaiian islands, blessed by their natural beauty, Kauai is the oldest and the one located farther north. Boat rides among the towering cliffs of the Napali Coast are among the undisputed landmarks of the place.

From the waters of the Pacific, it is possible to revive what the first Hawaiians felt when arriving in their canoes to the island, paddling in a guided kayak during the summer, or embarking to appreciate the landscape from the 17 km of the Napali Coast, which crosses five valleys and ends at the beach. There are also helicopter tours to appreciate the gigantic cliffs and trails – like the Kalalau, next to the Ha’ena State Park – surrounded by exuberant vegetation.

Once the home of the first Polynesian travelers, this coast still has rock walls and agricultural terraces that preserve the evidence of the sophisticated irrigation systems of its first inhabitants, as well as the traditional culture of fishing, the cultivation of taro and the trade by trails or canoes.

Four Seasons Kauai

6. The Waimea Canyon and the Poipu Beach (Kauai). Also known as “The Grand Canyon of the Pacific”, it has a depth of 1,100 meters and extends for 22 km. It can be seen from many viewpoints – the route culminates in the jungle of Koke’e State Park – to appreciate its majesty. But attention: they are high and the air is fresh, so do not forget to take a coat.

Other highlights of Kauai are the beaches of the Costa Coconut, the Wailua River – the only navigable Hawaii-, magnificent waterfalls and Poipu Beach Park, which has been voted one of the best beaches in the United States. Between December and May, in Poipu – a crescent-shaped beach that the inhabitants themselves also adore – you can watch humpback whales and monk seals from Hawaii, sunbathing in the sand.

7. Haleakala National Park (Maui). Haleakala means “home of the sun” and its inactive volcano attracts travelers with the most diverse interests. Early risers start walking early and, on clear days, can observe the neighboring islands of Hawaii, Lanai, Molokai and Ohau. Nature lovers take guided tours through protected trails to study the unique flora and fauna of the place. Adrenaline seekers have the option to descend by bicycle from a peak of 1,980 meters for 32 km. It is a very vertiginous descent.

There are other alternatives – more, or less risky, but all intense – to perform on the second largest island: organize a camp in the allowed corners of Maui, watch whales in Lahina, hire a ride to get to the Kipahulu area, or simply , contemplate the tones of sunset until the appearance of the moon and the stars. The winding road to Hana, the snorkey and diving in Molokini and the State Park of the Iao Valley complete the offer. Without forgetting Makena, of course, one of the most extensive beaches in Maui, which offers good golf, tennis and snorkeling in warm waters (beware of winter, when the waves are bigger and more powerful).

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