4 Luxury Experiences for Families wanting an Adventure

4 Luxury Experiences for Families wanting an Adventure

4 Luxury Experiences for Families wanting an Adventure


As the summers are approaching and many people have already wish-listed their favourite destinations to spend vacations with family to explore new places. It is a perfect time to unwind and spare some quality time with your loved ones and plan a luxury adventure plus wilderness.

However, it might not be easy for you to search for a perfect holiday destination from so many places. So, we have researched and found some unique destinations where you can plan your next trip with your family for an exceptional luxury experience. Read on!

1. African Safari Camping

Africa is an amazing and diverse continent where choices flourish for exotic destinations and an excellent adventure for families. However, experiencing mesmerizing landscape sights and places with your family is undoubtedly one of the best holidays you will ever embark on. Apart from this, you can delight in the everyday safari life in the private wilderness. Nowadays, there are many luxury options available in Africa where you can enjoy the continent’s magnificent mountains and the world’s five impressive animals are the great lion, leopard, rhinoceros, elephant, and cape buffalo on your journey.

Furthermore, staying in a tent will be highly magical for your family. You can have a glimpse of lantern light on walls and sleep to the sound of surrounding nature. Besides, if you think staying in a camp means staying in a rough polyester dome-like tent, you’re mistaken. Africa offers all the luxury and comfort in camping. For instance, Loisaba Tented Camp, situated in Kenya, will fill your days with exciting game drives, camel treks, mountain biking, and horse riding for your children. Moreover, some safari camps offer cooking class with chefs (which are also open for the kids), astronomy evenings, fishing, and more. Besides, they also serve mouthwatering food made with fresh ingredients from the farm to elevate your camping experience to the next level.

2. Scottish Castle Tour

Scotland has a splendid variety of attractions to offer. It is home to thousands of castles. If you got fascinated by castles, or if your kids want to see the Disney Princess castles in real life, you must visit this place. Moreover, a tour to the Scottish Highlands will be one of your most special journeys you could ever make with your family. Here you can experience a view of breathtaking landscapes, rugged coastline, whisky distilleries, and outstanding wildlife. Besides, catching views of vintage castles will be an icing on the cake.

Furthermore, you can also make your stay at an old Scottish manor house to undergo the richness of culture. One such country manor is Auchterarder House, which is perfect for families to get together and enjoy various activities to make your trip memorable. While traveling around Scotland, do not forget to visit the medieval castles and riverside fortresses. For instance, Edinburgh Castle is situated above the city on Castle rock. It is one of the most visited and historic attractions where you can enjoy the glance of old Scottish crown jewels.

3. Horse Riding in The Canadian Rockies

The Canadian Rockies is full of surprises and natural wonders which are spread across Alberta and British Columbia. People who want to take off from the daily hustle and bustle of the city and like to unwind themselves must visit Banff, which is one of the famous national parks in Alberta. There are many activities that you can perform in the Canadian Rockies with your family. One such is Horse riding which is a relaxing activity and is perfect for doing with a whole family. By horseback, you can move with a steady rhythm without disturbing the peace around you.

Apart from this, the Canadian Rockies is filled with glaciers and ice fields, lush green forest, spectacular alpine landscapes, some of the best scenery in the world that you can enjoy while horse riding. Moreover, if you are the one who loves being close to nature, this is the place for you where you can relish the cool and fresh air through the park. You can encounter the historic park trails and ride above the beautiful Allenby Pass. Additionally, enjoy the evening by relaxing in a rustic luxury cabin where you can have comfortable beds, a burning fire, and some of the tastiest cuisines that you can never forget in your life. Either you want to know about the history or want to make memories with the family, horse riding tours are perfect for all ages and sure to wow you.

4. Yachting Around The Galapagos

Yachting will offer you one of the most luxurious and amazing experiences around the archipelago. You can have the best of Galapagos island with a yacht charter to enjoy all the natural life and beautiful landscapes. Moreover, some of the yachts are equipped with sports activity gear which is really fun and relaxing for all age groups. Besides, travellers can also experience water sports like trekking, diving, snorkelling, fishing, and others in Galapagos water to make their family experience memorable forever.

Furthermore, you can even hire a private yacht in the Galapagos Islands, where you can just sit back, relax, and enjoy incredible Galapagos sailing trips at your own leisure. Additionally, onboard chef services are also available in yachting, where you can taste the fresh and delicious dishes to satisfy your stomach. Also, children can encounter the flora and fauna, fabulous islands, and wildlife which will make this holiday destination unforgettable. Away from the people, you can enjoy the gala time with your family and friends while experiencing nature’s beauty.

So, get your bags ready and head over to these mentioned adventurous places for a luxury experience with family!