10 tips for practicing sustainable tourism

10 tips for practicing sustainable tourism


Sustainable tourism has been the central axis on which the United Nations has revolved during the past 2019. The objective is to make travelers aware of the importance of practicing sustainable and responsible tourism.

At ExotikTraveler we believe that a small action can change the world, that’s why we are convinced that we must help the most disadvantaged communities, understanding, respecting and taking care of the environment that surrounds them when we travel.

The Brando

The Brando


1- Sustainable tourism begins before reaching your destination, hiring accommodation and activities is a very important point. Hiring companies that conduct practices to support the local economy is essential. In addition, there are many hotels that are adding to this trend and use cleaning products that do not harm the environment, try to enhance the local cuisine, get their products from farmers who grow in their environment etc … Qualifications such as Green Globe or the LEED certification endorses them.

Work with us on designing your next journey, or with a travel agent that has local cooperators/guides, to plan your trip.

Two tips when organizing your trip:

-Travel in low season

-Find places that are not too overcrowded

2- Knowing local traditions and culture is the best way to understand the importance of caring for the environment and respecting their way of life. Read and immerse yourself as much as you can with information about your destination and its inhabitants.

3- Use local services and products. Use your means of transport whenever possible, try to eat in places that offer typical dishes, you know that it is always indicative of quality to go to the places that frequent the premises and of course adapt to their rhythm of life.

4- Do not impose your habits of life. Each society has a habit, habits and different tempos, so do not try to change their schedules for you, so it is essential to inform you before leaving.

5- Do not leave your mark in the place. The basis of sustainable tourism is to help develop local communities and preserve their environment so that they can continue living from it. It is important that you take this very seriously, since tourism is not at odds with the preservation of the environment. Our recommendations are: do not take anything from nature as a memory, listen to the advice of the locals and leave everything as when you arrived or even better. A photo is the best option !!

Soneva Fushi

Soneva Fushi

6- Sustainable consumption of its resources. Water or energy are scarce goods in many parts of the world, so keep an eye on how you use them and try to save as much resources as you can.

7- Critical view. In some countries, the authorities turn a blind eye to abusive activities against their citizens derived from poverty. Remember, adapting to the local culture does not mean that you have to participate in those activities that do not favor equality and the social and economic development of the community and that do not respect Human Rights.

8- Buy souvenirs of local commerce. Going back home with a handmade souvenir by a craftsman in the area will always be one of those memories you can brag about, but not at all costs, keep in mind that they are not made with raw materials that are in danger of extinction. they are included in the International Trade Agreement for Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES).

In many exotic destinations will offer souvenirs made with: ivory, skins, shells, feathers or other products that we advise against buying. You will never know if they are made with any species in danger of extinction.

9- Share your knowledge with other travelers. Many times we are not aware of the damage that our actions cause, so if you have already understood, the next step is to spread it with your traveling companions.

10-Are you committed to sustainable tourism? Reflect on what you have seen when you return home and if there is something you think is not right in the place you have visited, try to inform your tour operator or the authorities.


Some places lead this movement, since they have realized the importance of preserving the environment to achieve sustainable development.

New Zealand

New Zealand

Some examples of sustainable tourism are:

-Bhutan in the Himalayas. The government has decided to close this place so that in the future it can be a point of reference for the tourism of its country. Examples of sustainable tourism

-New Zealand, is another country that has understood that stopping mass tourism and changing it to a more ecological one will bring much more wealth to its inhabitants in the future.

-Iceland. It is one of the last virgin areas left in Europe and this is the reason why they want to protect it. The actions planned for this are: efficient use of resources and lower the waste generated. They also have as a future plan to convert 70% of the surface of the country into a natural park.

In ExotikTraveler we support sustainable tourism.

Ask us about your next sustainable luxury trip.